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What Goes "Whump...Whump...Whump" and Makes Trucks?

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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

A few years back doing a story on clean energy I was surprised to learn that Texas was the leader in North America in terms of wind power production. So I was not very surprised to learn that General Motors is planning to use wind-generated electricity to partly power its Arlington, TX plant. The Arlington plant, located in a suburb of Dallas, makes 'Burbans, Escalades, and Yukons.


GM isn't actually building any wind new turbines. Not to be skeptical, but that isn't how this clean energy thing works. Rather, GM signed a power supply deal with EDP Renewables North America who has 261 massive wind turbines operating in Texas. Fifteen of them will be sort of designated for GM and the power they create will "save" 1 million metric tons of CO2 form being produced during the production of 125K vehicles per year. GM can now claim that some of its full-sized SUVs are "Build using clean energy." Even better, GM says that its agreement will save the company $2.8 million in energy costs each year.







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    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

      General Motors is scaling back the production of its sedans to match the declining sales the company has been seeing for those models. One example is the Lordstown, Ohio production facility that builds the Chevrolet Cruze. Last year the Lordstown plant had about 4,000 workers building the sedan. That count will be reduced to about 1,500 after the latest buyouts. The plant first eliminated the third shift. That reduced the jobs in the plant by about 1,000. Now GM is planning further cuts to eliminate the second shift. 

      To encourage workers to quit, rather than be laid off, GM is offering workers a financial incentive to move on to other work or to retire. Local news affiliate WFMJ reports that those workers who qualify for and accept an early retirement will receive a $60,000 incentive payment. Workers who opt to quit their union job will receive a buyout of between $50,000 and $5,000 depending upon their length of service with the company.  

      With unemployment near historic lows in America, 3.7% as of the last report, 4.0% in Ohio overall, this would seem to be the best of times to be making the difficult transition to new work. In Trumbull County Ohio, where Lordstown is located, the unemployment rate is higher than the national average at 5.5%. However, one neighboring county, Geauga County, has a 3.8% rate.  

      Local employment groups are stepping up to help out. Last year, the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber provided a list of companies in the area that were hiring to GM and United Auto Workers.
      “We would certainly be pleased to offer that service [again],” said Sarah Boyarko, the chamber’s senior vice president of economic development. “I think there are employment opportunities for these folks when they go through that separation, and oftentimes, it’s a matter of knowing where to go.”
      Year to date sales of the Chevy Cruze were down 26% year over year when reported by GM in March. The Cruze competes with cars like the Honda Civic line and the Toyota Corolla line. This month, Toyota released an all-new Toyota Corolla Hatchback. Its gasoline engine is expected to be rated at 36 MPG combined, higher than the current Cruze diesel hatchback. It is also expected to be quicker and will have more standard safety features included than the Cruze.   
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    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

      GMC announced today that it is expanding its Yukon SUV line with the addition of two new 2019 Graphite Editions. The Yukon Graphite Edition features a darkened exterior appearance, while the Yukon Graphite Performance Edition adds to this look vehicle performance upgrades. The Graphite Editions are available either Yukon or Yukon XL on SLT trim vehicles and can be ordered on with either 2WD or 4WD.  

      “The Yukon continues to lead the full-size SUV segment with premium features and an instantly recognizable and well-respected identity,” said Stu Pierce, senior marketing manager for GMC Trucks and Full-Size SUVs. “The all-new Graphite Edition builds on the commanding road presence and inherent capabilities of the Yukon and affords customers the opportunity to project a unique, yet distinctly GMC style.”

      The new Yukon Graphite packages will launch later this summer in the following colors; Onyx Black, White Frost Tricoat and Dark Sky Metallic. Pricing will be announced closer to the launch date.

      The Yukon Graphite Edition includes the following content:
      22-inch bright machined wheels with Carbon Flash Metallic pockets
      Black assist steps with gloss black accents
      Premium black chrome grille mesh insert and fog lamp surrounds
      Body-color grille surround, black roof rails, gloss black beltline moldings and additional black trim.
      The Graphite Performance Edition requires the Graphite Edition and further adds:
      6.2L V-8 engine with 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque 
      10-speed automatic transmission.
      Magnetic Ride Control.
      22-inch six-spoke Gloss black wheels.
      Active two-speed transfer case (4WD models only).
      Trailer brake controller.
      170-amp alternator.
      3.23 axle ratio.
      High capacity air cleaner.
      Bose Active Noise Cancellation.
      Multi-color Head-up Display.
      8-inch reconfigurable Driver Information Center.
      8-inch Color Touch Screen Navigation with GMC Infotainment System.

    • By Zane

      Zane Merva
      Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com
      The Tahoe and Suburban are getting some small upgrades for the 2019 model year. An all new full-size SUV platform is just around the bend and rumored for 2020/2021 so Chevrolet is pushing the all new RST trim that includes a 6.2L V8 and GM's all new 10-speed automatic transmission. 
      Check out our other "What's New For 2019" Articles
      Here's what's new for the 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban.
      2018 Options That Have Been Retired
           Exterior color (G2X) Havana Metallic (deleted mid-2018 model year)      Exterior color (GXG) Tungsten Metallic  
      New Features, Colors & Options for 2019
           Exterior color (GJI) Shadow Gray Metallic     (WPK) RST 6.2L Performance Edition, includes (L86) 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine, (MF6) 10-speed automatic transmission, (K47) high-capacity air cleaner, (KW7) 170 amp alternator, (GU5) 3.23 rear axle ratio, (NQH) 2-speed active transfer case (4WD only), (JL1) trailer brake controller and Sport calibration (available on 1LZ Premier) (Suburban)  
      Small Changes In Trim & Packaging for 2019
           Exterior "Premier" badge design change on liftgate      (SCN) RST Edition is now available with (GAN) Silver Ice Metallic, (GAZ) Summit White, (GBA) Black and new (GJI) Shadow Gray Metallic (replaces [GXG] Tungsten Metallic)      (VLG) Rear fascia closeout, LPO is now available with (GAN) Silver Ice Metallic, (GAZ) Summit White, (GBA) Black, (G1W) Iridescent Pearl Tricoat and new (GJI) Shadow Gray Metallic Click on the blue links to change image
    • By scsparts
      Anyone have any experience with lowering their 2013 4X4 Avalanche 
    • By rxnotec
      Putting together a little Light guide similar to what MotoMedic did for the Silverados. More details to come on this with swaps and some photos (Scroll down a few posts).  (Yukon and Yukon XL Only Low, High, fog, license and back-up apply as GMC has more OEM LED handling the others). Some of these may apply  to 2014 model year but the bulb size is different like the 2014 Yukons.   Tutorial videos (Courtesy of CarCareKiosk and some random dude on YouTube) reflect as: * Chevrolet ** GMC   Side Note: OEM HID Color is approximately 4200-4300K. LuciasMaximus and I are playing around with color matching the factory LED DRL. The factory LED DRL appears to be between 5500K-6000K color wise.    Suburban*/Tahoe*/Yukon**/Yukon XL**: Low Beam Lights w/HID*,** - D3S
      Low Beam Lights*,** - H11 (H11-55W)
      Replace Low Beam Bulb Tutorial *
      Replace Low Beam Bulb Tutorial **
      High Beam Lights*,** - 9005 (HB3)
      Replace High Beam Bulb Tutorial *
      Replace High Beam Bulb Tutorial **
      Front turn signal* - 7440NA
      Replace Front Turn Signal Bulb Tutorial *
      Fog Lights*,** - PSX26W - (12278 / 12278C1 / H28W) Replace Fog Light Bulb Tutorial * Replace Fog Light Bulb Tutorial **   Back-up Lights / Reverse Lights*,** - 921 (921W / W16W)
      Replace Back-up/Reverse Light Tutorial * Replace Back-up/Reverse Light Tutorial **   License Plate Lights*,** - 194 (194W / 12961) Replace License Plate Bulb Tutorial *, ** (Starts at 0:30)   Rear Turn/Stop Lights* - 7440 (7440W) Replace Rear Turn/Stop Bulbs Tutorial *
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