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Headlight Fog Light Consensus

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Just bought a new 2015 Sierra Crew SLT, really digging it so far.


OK, minus the horrible headlights. So I've read everything on this forum that I can find about the heads and fogs and I'm trying to get a consensus.


My issue with the lights is that going around a bend I can't see a THING!! I've adjusted the headlights one turn higher as suggested by members here, and that helped with down the road visibility without blinding others, but did nothing to improve side lighting.


I bought a set of LED fogs on Amazon in hopes they would be brighter and shine more to the side. They are brighter, but not in a good way. The light goes everywhere but where I want it....on the road in front of me, and on the sides! As users have stated, the plug in LEDs get projected everywhere, instead of being focused like the stock bulb.


So my question(s)....

1. What Headlights are the best replacement with the least amount of work.

I'm torn between the HID and LED replacements from XenonDepot. The LED seem like really simple plug and play, but worried their brightness wouldn't be a vast improvement, and I don't know about the 6000K color...I want bright white, not blue, with the most lumens possible.

The HID replacements don't tell me how to install them. Do I need to connect wires to the battery? Do I need a CANBUS??


With the Fogs I want to be able to use the standard fog lights switch in the truck, so whats my best bet there? It seems like the Rigid D-Series lights would require me to totally rewire the connection into the truck.


Also, How do you adjust the aim of the standard fogs?


Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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TRS makes a Sierra spec kit just for your truck, I had it in my old 2014. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/hid-systems/morimoto-elite-hid-system-sierra-low-beam.html#.Vnq3RPkrJjI


Good improvement over stock, but still some dead spots. It you really want to fix your lights, get a 2016 with the new LED lights... those rock.

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plus 1 on the kit from retrofit source. the difference is huge. i also got the projector style LED foglights that they have. they are really good at lighting up the ditch. The fog lights look way better when the truck is not on too as the housing is black. I recommend both. the install was super easy and the lighting is WAY better. plus the 5000k bulbs look way better in the truck.

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Really impressed with these. Much brighter, same as the Putco (Look to be identical) the light output is great, not just cosmetic. easy install. Seem to be brighter than my starnil 40/80W H11 LEDs. Also have $10 next day shipping (not amazon prime) I ordered on a saturday afternoon and got them on Sunday afternoon, blew me away -fastest shipping I've ever experienced. The price is right too.



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I recommend the 35watt 5500k morimoto set from the retrofit source (they say those are about the same as many factory 4300k HID's), and if purchased together you get a little break on the XB foglights. The foglights actually work well in fog, and in really thick fog it's nice you can turn them on without the headlights. The HID's go in without a hitch, but the "sierra" set isn't really custom for the sierra, and they don't advise you were to mount stuff. I'd recommend extending the ground lead from the capacitor harness so you can connect both grounds at the battery. I've seen at least one video where they take half the truck apart to install these HID's and that's totally stupid. You don't need to take anything apart except the air intake. I got a stepped drill and opened up a hole in the dust caps to (don't remember exactly the fraction) - just shy of an inch for the rubber grommets.


The output is terrific, there are only just a few slightly dimmer spots in the beam pattern, (insert the bulbs very carefully in the right position and you'll have it right the first time) but the few slightly dim spots are not really near the area that needs lit up, and the XB foglights fill that area in really nicely. The XB foglights I got needed the wiring reversed. They recommend reversing the plug when you plug them it - but that was pretty cheesy. I clipped the wires and soldered them up backwards - in order to make them plug in and work properly. If you do that - be aware soldered joints can be brittle and prone to break, so protect that joint appropriately, and zip tie it up so it's not wiggling around.


The XB fogs are not the same as the Putco's by the way - not at all.


Somewhere on this site I saw a coupon....

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