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    • By RST-001
      How do I retrieve check engine code without scanner on 2019 silverado.   My old dodge I could turn the ignition key several times to get check engine light codes.  My new silverado is push button?  Any help is appreciated.
    • By jshbatatta89
      Had my truck worked on at a body shop(dent fix and new windshield) then straight to a proper detailing.
      I assume one of the two disconnected my batteries (L5P Durramax).
      Now, the buttons and controls on the steering wheel do not respond. 
      Confirmed with both shops, nothing was disconnected from the steering column.
      Everything else, horn, dash, lights, radio, etc. All function correctly. Only the stero paddles, and menu nav buttons do not work.
      Scanned all the modules for codes and received back 2 codes in the Instrument Panel Cluster.
      DTC 1: B3622-39 Steering Wheel Controls Signal Circuit - Internal Malfunction - (No ****** Sherlock)
      DTC 2 : U1510-00 LIN Bus Lost Communication with Device 0 - (Ah yes, Device 0, obviously). I am not sold on the clock spring still as I don't have any SRS module codes.
      Repair manual says those codes together is a short to ground.
      Cheryl on-top was this YouTube video,
      Anyone have enough knowledge to help me figure if it's a bad module or a cut wire?

    • By Sheldon Barber
      So I had a bully dog tuner for my truck and haven't had it plugged in since I got a new engine installed a few years back. Found it today and found someone who would buy it. Contacted bully dog and found out that I would have to change my tuning to "stock" to be able to unlock the device so the guy could buy it from me. I told them that my truck was already stock and they said that I just needed to run the stock tune to be able to unlock it. So I did that and it cut my engine power and turned off ABS and Stabilitrak. Cant go over 25mph, truck shakes, sounds weird. I have no idea what to do and their customer service is closed for the night. I have work in the morning, any suggestions?
    • By KNJ
      Hi! In April, my Yukon was throwing codes P0172 P0175. Local GMC dealer in Louisiana "fixed", by replacing some sensor. Traveled to PA, codes came back on. Local GMC dealer fixed by replacing BCM, body control module in June. Now my check engine light is back on! Power train Warranty ran out 2-3 weeks ago. Also had extended warranty, which also ran out at 5 years, which was Sept. Code onstar says its throwing now is P0430, all of the codes from I can find are related to exhaust system. My question is are these 3 codes related??? Could this be something they will have to fix under warranty, given it's related and has been worked on several times? 
      If not, what does this mean? Catalytic converter bad? Help! My husband is being laid off in the next week. So, obviously finances are tight. Yes, obviously itll be fixed regardless, just trying to plan and cut back elsewhere if needed. This has been a great vehicle! As luck has it, trouble starts when warranty runs out. 
      Really wanting to trade, but waiting on new body
      Adding mileage if matters, 91K
    • By 14GMCZ71
      Well my 2014 GMC Sierra (purchased new) with less than 30,000 miles showed a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL - Engine Symbol Light) on dash last Wed - May 8th.
      I called OnStar and received the report via e-mail below - Code P050D.  Truck ran fine.
      Scheduled truck into the dealer for Fri morn May 10th.  Dealer kept truck until around noon the next Day to make certain code did not reappear on cold start.
      I picked up my truck and no problems since the P050D.  Here is some of the repair receipt:
      #1 - 3202: Engine Repair
      Installed laptop and was unable to duplicate concern at this time.  Tech tested and test drove several times and was not able to duplicate.  Advised customer
      to return if concern returns.  No repairs were made at this time.
      $85.00 plus tax.  Is this it for diagnostics?  Seems to me like the tech cleared the code - drove the truck - no code - calls it good.
      Drove truck yesterday on a 60 mile 90 percent highway trip and mileage on dash showed 19.2.
      Here are the results of your recent On-Demand Diagnostic request on your 2014 GMC Sierra.


      Diagnostic Code

      Diagnostic Information

      Recommended Action

      VIU - OnStar System


      No Error Code Found


      TCM - Transmission System


      No Error Code Found


      SDM - Airbag System


      No Error Code Found


      ABS - Braking and Stability System


      No Error Code Found


      ECM - Engine System



      No action needed

      Maintenance Information

      • Odometer: 29778 Miles
      • Remaining Oil Life: 57%

      If you require Roadside Assistance, please contact (866) 415-5838.

      Please bring this email with you when you go for service.

      Please see your dealer for service.

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