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Replace Stock Headlights with LED

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So wife asked me if we could replace the stock headlights with LED to help her see better at night when driving home after work at midnight. Good idea? If so what bulbs should I buy?



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XenonDepot Xtreme. Get the CANBUS. http://www.xenondepot.com/2010-equinox-hid-headlight-kit-bulbs-s/17487.htm






I have the non CANBUS ones in my 15 Silverado HD, and my low beams go out for 10-30 seconds when Stabilitrak and ABS activate. My thinking is the CANBUS would eliminate that issue. I did email them, however nobody has responded to me yet. I really don't want to drop $130 for more lights if I don't have to and its not gonna fix my issue.

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LED was a great upgrade... Highly recommended

Hi @ Chasenfins

, I know this is an old topic but hopefully you still read here. What model vehicle and can this be done to the stock headlights in the GMC Terraine SLT1 as well?

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