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Rear brake?

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I have a 01 Silverado 2500HD long bed and it seems for the past while a bad smell has progressively gotten worse, it is the strongest in the rear driver wheel well. The burning smell I've been told is from my park brake which I use quite often, is this commen for them to get stuck and still drive? It stinks the most after I drive it for a bit. I've also been told it could be the rear diff but I just changed the fluid, they are also disc brakes in the back.

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Pull the wheel off and completely inspect the braking system........

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    • By Whiz
      My 2019 SIlverado 4x4 has 3,100 miles.
      It was parked in the driveway last week and when I attempted to enter it into the garage, and in Drive, it sat there for a second or two, and then lurched into the garage.  I instanteously hit the brakes and got it stopped.  When I pressed the gas, the truck just stood still, then took off into the garage.
      Now, today, as I backed out of the driveway for a quick errand, the emergency brake would not release, then it released, but as I selected Drive, it refused to move.  I played around with it several times, pressing the brake pedal as instructed, and finally got it to go.  However, I had now brake assist.  It required a ton of pressure to get it to stop.
      The dash light up like the 4th of July.  BRAKE showed up in red, engine in yellow, Traction Control in yellow, Tire Pressure (quickly vanished), ABS, and Service ESC.
      Am heading to the dealer (48 miles) in the morning.  I was going to connect my DTC and see what was showing, but will refrain, so dealer can see for themselves.
      I've noticed a couple of intermittent quirks since I've owned it (July 2019), but things seemed to resolve themselves.  I did receive  December recall and they will get that looked at in the morning.
      Am attaching a photo of the dash as i sits now.  The -14.6V DC light is from a piece of equipment I have installed.
      Anyone else out there having issues?
      Also, photo shows less the 30psi oil pressure at idle, a bit low I am thinking

    • By 2002 Chevy Avalanche
      My 2002 chevy Avalanche 1500 Z71 5.3l has 37s mud tires on it, 20 inch rim's, and the abs light turns on and turns right back off on the high way, and then stays off, i heard it not very good for off roading either, which is something i enjoy doing, i read, and some people really hate ABS as it turns out. And they said to just pull the fuse, after i pulled the fuse, i expected the abs light to turn on, but when i looked both the ABS and Brake light were on, any ideas how i can turn that brake light off? The truck still stops good, and there are no problems, just a stupid brake light.
    • By truck_newbie
      I'm finding the brake pedal very noisy. I don't have any braking issues. Every time i press the pedal especially with the radio off, i can hear a loud whoosh and the switch clicking. If this is normal, then it's definitely the loudest brake pedal I have ever experienced. I'm trying to get a consensus if it's normal so i don't waste my time taking it to the dealer. I tried to capture the sound but it doesn't record very well. Full disclaimer that i'm a little more sensitive to noises than most. 
      Any one else experience this or is it normal?
    • By jkrosky
      I have a 2017 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD High Country with 6.6 diesel equipped with tow package.  It has dedicated trailer brake and trailer fuses within the primary fuse box under the hood.  My passenger side trailer blinkers and brake lights are not working.  I've traced the lack of 12v power all the way up to the 10a fuse dedicated to the right side trailer brake/signal light (fuse #17).  I have replaced the fuse, re-tested, and still no power.  The left side trailer brake/signal light (fuse #14) has 12v power going to it, tested on the top of the fuse when the flashers are on, but the right side has nothing.  I've also swapped and then replaced the trailer parking lights relay switch (relay #63) and still nothing.  Is this most likely an issue with fuse box or something else supplying power or ground to the fuse box?  Thanks for the help... this is the craziest thing.
    • By dwchapmanjr
      2015 GMC Yukon Denali - 32k miles (6.2L + 8spd).  I don't normally do highway speed but noticed yesterday that I had a slight pedal vibration when doing so and it only seems to happen at 60+ mph.  My daily drive is under 40mph and no vibrations there.  I'm assuming its likely a rear rotor since I don't feel it in the steering wheel.
      I looked back on my records and it appears front brakes were at 7mm a year ago and rear at 4mm.  Both in the "green" according to dealer.  I'm not sure if its an eyeball check and they just mark good or if they actually measure but it was 10k miles ago and a year so I likely need new pads.

      All this to say, with this life and mileage is anyone seeing pad life and possibly rotor life exhausted so quickly?  This is a heavy vehicle and the 6.2L gets it up to speed quickly and it does seem to take a lot more to stop it(always this way so I don't think its the vacuum recall).
      If anyone is getting a 4 wheel brake job at the dealer, what has it run you?  Mine is running a special for $139 per axle for pads and $189 per axle for rotors but I'm hoping if it is a warped rotor I only need 1 pair.
      Also noticed this on the front passenger rotor.  Is that defined of a groove normal?  To the touch it doesn't feel grooved.

      Tire inflation is normal.
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