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New guy saying Hi

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1) When driving at night is there a way to lower the light intensity on the 8" display without adjusting the intensity on the dash? Manual said something about an Auto, Day or night choice in the Settings menu but I can't find it.

2) related to #1. Does anbody else find the LED that shines down on the cup holder at night while you are driving annoying?? Is there a way to turn it off?



1) Navigation menu had a auto day/night setting, but it only seems to work when in Nav. I see a reflection from my screen in my rear window when looking at rear view mirror at night if I don't turn the instrument panel lighting down. I've just gotten used to it.

2) No, there is no knob to turn it off. Others have used tape, or colored film or even replaced the LED with a different color. Replacement requires soldering in a new LED. As others have said, I like it. Casts just enough light to see at night.

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The more I drive it at night, the more I get used to the low output LED shining on the cup holder. I still would like an adjustment somewhere for the 8" screen.


Right now I'm in the process of deciding on/ordering floormats, vent visors, and level kit.

Floormats- My wife had weathertec and neither of us liked them. I had the Rugged Ridge in my Ford and absolutely loved them, I'm having a hard time ordering anything but those.

Vent visors - Think I'll just get the AVS ones. Undecided on in-channel or stick on but I think stick on is the way to go because of the bounceback/pinch sensor issues

Level kit - I though for sure I just wanted the motofab 1.5" level, but now I'm thinking about the 2.5" RC kit including the bigger rear block.

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