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2016 diesel: Neutral setting on transfer case?

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I have looked at the GM RPO code lists, configured both 2016 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon on the "Build" sites, and read the users manual and cannot answer these questions:


1. Does the 2016 Canyon/Colorado 4x4 Diesel have a neutral setting on the transfer case?

2. If it does include N setting, are there any other options (for example Z71 or Long Bed) that would exclude an N setting?

I want to flat tow ("dinghy" tow) it behind a motorhome.


I have learned this:

1. The diesel vehicles appear to ONLY offer the NQ6 transfer case for diesels. (it is included and only avaliable with the Diesel. Not sure if this excludes NQ7 as an option).

2: The 2016 users manual on page 330 says "Only dinghy tow four-wheel-drive vehicles that have an N (Neutral) and a Four-Wheel Drive Low (4 (down arrow pix) setting." Implying there are 4 wheel drive vehicles (2016 Colorados?) without these settings.

3. There are two pictures in the 2016 Colorado users manual of the transfer case control switch, Both show a N position.

4. The RPO list says nothing about a neutral setting on either avialable transfer case (NQ6, NQ7) for 2016 Colorado. (GMC RPO list ONLY shows NQ6).


I swear i saw a diesel 4x4 on the local lot that does not have the N on the knob (peering thru the window). Maybe i cant see or am nuts. Dealers are generally clueless about this.


Update: I went back to the nearby dealer with the 2016 diesel 4x4 and drove it. I am not crazy. The selector switch knob has an 'N' embossed but not painted white like the other labels on that knob. I did not put it in Neutral to verify but asked the salesman. He said something like they all have a Neutral setting and he understood about "dingy" towing reqiring it.


A salesman from another (far away) dealer who has a longbed like i am looking for said the 2016 4x4 colorado i had found online does NOT have a N setting and he had not seen any with an N setting at thier dealership yet.


So im even more confused. if i were to order one, how do i specify a Colorado (or Canyon) that includes the Neutral transfer case setting?

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My bigger trucks years 2010 and 2013, the transfer case can be put into neutral by setting park brake and turning and holding 4x4 selector switch past 4 lo.


Not sure if that will work on newer models.

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Right from the owners manual:


Shifting Into N (Neutral)

To shift:


  1. Park the vehicle on a level surface.
  2. Set the parking brake and press and hold the brake pedal. See Parking Brake.
  3. Start the vehicle or turn the ignition to ON/RUN.
  4. Shift the transmission to N (Neutral).
  5. Shift the transfer case to 2 m.
  6. Turn the transfer case knob clockwise to N (Neutral) until it stops and hold it there until the N (Neutral) light starts blinking. This will take at least 10 seconds. Then slowly release the dial to the 4 n position. The N (Neutral) light will come on when the transfer case shift to N (Neutral) is complete.
  7. With the engine running, verify that the transfer case is in N (Neutral) by shifting the transmission to R (Reverse), then to D (Drive). There should be no movement of the vehicle while shifting the transmission.
  8. Turn the engine off, and the ignition to ACC/ACCESSORY.
  9. Place the transmission shift lever in P (Park). See Recreational Vehicle Towing.
  10. Turn the ignition to LOCK/OFF.

Shifting Out of N (Neutral)

To shift:


Caution: Shifting the transmission into gear before the requested mode indicator light has stopped flashing could damage the transfer case.

  1. Set the parking brake and apply the brake pedal.
  2. Turn the ignition to ON/RUN with the engine off.
  3. Shift the transmission to N (Neutral).
  4. Turn the transfer case knob to 2 m.

    After the transfer case has shifted out of N (Neutral), the N (Neutral) light will go out.

  5. Release the parking brake.
  6. Start the engine and shift the transmission to the desired gear.


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