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GM's New 10-Speed Auto - Convince me it is good.


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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

The expectation is that with every additional new item on any performance vehicle the new part is great. The new Chevy 10-speed automatic transmission may well be, but having had some time in a ZL1 Camaro, the first car it will be used in, I want to know why.


On paper, it sure sounds good. "Faster shifting than a Porsche PDK." That sounds like a good thing for sure. Chevy says, "Testing has shown faster upshift times than the Porsche PDK dual-clutch transmission. In fact, the 1-2 upshift is 36-percent quicker than the PDK, while the 2-3 and 3-4 upshifts are 27-percent and 26-percent quicker, respectively." Hard to argue that a faster shift in a sports car isn't a great thing, particularly on the way up the gears.


Same size as the outgoing eight-speed trans. Another GM quote says, "Creative packaging solutions, which had to accommodate another clutch in comparison to the eight-speed, allow the 10-speed to be the approximate size of Camaro’s other eight-speed transmission." Hey, with a wider gear spread and a better highway gear for more fuel efficiency, why not?


On the other hand...Why do I care about the highway fuel efficiency of my track-ready Camaro ZL1? Sure, I want the faster up-shifts, but couldn't that have been achieved with the same 8-speed? Here's my problem with a 10-speed auto in an ultra-high performance car. I don't want more gears. I cannot understand what to do with 10 gears in a supercharged car with insane torque and 640 hp. I have driven the ZL1 at media track days on multiple occasions. The track is considered long. On that track I never-ever use any gear above 4 in any Chevy performance car, be it a Corvette, Camaro ZL1 or Z28, or CTS-V. So on the track, the added six gears are useless to me.


Around the track are the best mountain roads in the Northeast. They have an incredible speed limit of 55 MPH (show me a higher speed limit on any non-highway road East of the Mississippi). These are not highways, but one lane in each direction rural roads with sharp turns, long sweepers, and awesome elevation changes. On these roads, I love to use the paddle shifters to control the torque and put the car in the gear I want. I don't need more than three gears here, but I might use as many as four. Again, why do I need 10? I asked Chevy by e-mail if there is a lock-out like Lexus uses on its performance vehicles that locks out the trans above a certain gear. The point of that is to negate having to downshift from 10 to 3 if you want to control the shifts using the paddles. "No" was the answer.


Chevy says it will put this rear-drive style trans into more vehicles in two years. That means your truck. Tell me why a truck with 10 gears is better than one with six. Then tell me why a CVT isn't better than 10. I'm a person with an open mind.







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interesting stuff.

I could stay 5 speed forever in a truck..but I am past tense anyway.



The first gear ratio is 4.70:1, up from 4.56 in the previous-generation eight-speed. Second gear is at 2.99:1 (up from 2.97), third at 2.15 (vs 2.08), fourth at 1.80 (vs 1.69), fifth at 1.52 (vs 1.27), sixth at 1.28 (vs 1.0), seventh at 1.00 (vs 0.85), eighth at 0.85 (vs 0.65), ninth at 0.69, and tenth at 0.64. For spin doctors who love to flip their cars out of a reverse burnout, the reverse gear is at a happy 4.87:1.


keeping an rpm band narrow..and supercharged maxxed. Makes sense to me.


eluding the crazy fluid fails to more gears may be a bonus too.

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Chevy says it will put this rear-drive style trans into more vehicles in two years. That means your truck. Tell me why a truck with 10 gears is better than one with six. Then tell me why a CVT isn't better than 10. I'm a person with an open mind.


The six speed in my truck is absolutely horrible. They would have to actively try to make it worse.

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Gm's strongest transmission was their 4 speeds they seem to be getting weaker the more gears they add.


Only time will tell though...

You got that right! Dang they were invincible bro! I have just been dicked around ever since....................

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    • By AaronandAlicia Dailey
      OK everyone I want to give thanks ahead for any advice and help.
      Truck in question= 2003 Chevy Suburban Z71, 5.3 L         Transmission= 4L60-E
      So the story started when I was going down the road at about 50mph in cruise control, when suddenly I heard the engine begin to rev up. I hit the brake to take it out of cruise control and the engine stopped revving up. Apparently I lost transmission of power from the engine to the wheels because no matter what gear I put it into now, I get no movement from the vehicle. No reverse and no D1, 2 or 3. When I put the vehicle in park and attempt to push the vehicle it will not roll. When placed in any other gear I can then roll the vehicle freely.
      Before this happened: Since owning the vehicle 4x4 has always been shifty.....hehehe...sorry couldnt help it. I have the model where there are 4 buttons with lights the buttons are located left hand of dash near the turn signal. When I first got the truck sometimes it seemed like it didnt want to switch between gears. for example I would have to hit the button multiple times before it would switch and even then it seemed like it hadnt really switched but the lights would indicate it had. Most of the time the light for the button I selected would flash multiple times and then return to previous selection. Often times after turning the vehicle off and then returning to vehicle to go somewhere I would find that the light has switched back to a gear that it wasnt in when i left the vehicle. It seems to favor 4x4hi. As of lately I havent been able to get the lights to switch at all. It seems to be stuck in 4hi permanently.  
      I have tested the 4wd switch and its fine. 
      I tried unhooking battery for half hour with lights on to reset PC. I then reconnected battery cable and turned vehicle on but not start it. Then I pulled a bunch of fuses and plugged them back in. ( seen it in a video and the guy said it was supposed to wake up the TCCM) Well that did nothing. 
      I have the truck off of all wheels right now and was trying to figure out if the transfer case is stuck in neutral. With the truck in drive as I turn the rear draft the front moves also. I am assuming that means it is in 4wd. But should I have someone hold the front drive shaft while i turn the rear drive shaft to confirm its not just from friction or something.
      I actually have the front drive shaft partly out right now in an attempt to get at and remove the shift motor and manually put the transfer case into 2hi.
      I am also considering changing out solenoids. I have gathered it is unlikely the shift solenoids. Is it possible it could be one of these:
      1 * EPC (Pressure Control) Solenoid
      1 * PWM Solenoid
      1 * Manifold Pressure Switch
      1 * TCC Solenoid w/Harness
      Another thing I suspect which would be an easy fix is the transfer case fluid level. I removed the fill plug and nothing came out. I can tell it has been leaking. I would have already topped it off but I have been stuck at home (no running vehicle lol). Could low fluid cause this issue? I hope that's all it is lol. Anyways I got a ride to the store tomorrow and to look at a back-up vehicle. Anything you guys recommend to grab from the parts store while I'm in town tomorrow?
      What would be your guys recommendation on how to solve this problem and fix it?
      All help is appreciated.
      thanks in advance,
    • By W8MCC
      Were working on getting an 86 k10 back on the road.  The trans slips between gears and doesn't have a working OD.
      Does this sound like a master rebuild kit fix, or should we be looking for another trans and just swap it in.
      I'm sure we could work through rebuilding it, but this would be my first time trying to fix one.
      Anyway, just wondering what to expect.  Things like, how do you know if the pump is good, torque converter, any hard parts that could be broke that would save me the cost of the rebuild kit in case I just have to replace the trans anyway...etc...
    • By msteinkraus
      I am currently helping my father with his transmission rebuild for the 4l60e on a 2002 avalanche, he installed a transgo 4l60e sk shift improvement kit along with adding a corvette servo. he installed a cam on the 5.3 and the engine runs flawlessly and for the transmission he added a 3000 stall converter. the transmission will shift into reverse fine and will shift into second with using the manual shift, however the transmission will not shift into drive. the valve body has been checked over and over again and everything seems to be in place. Has anyone else had this issue or know what may cause this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    • By Jacob Szymanski
      I noticed my transmission temperature getting quite high when driving on trails or towing through traffic so I decided to add a secondary Derale 13900 transmission cooler in addition to the stock front mounted cooler. My truck is a 2020 Custom TB with the 5.3 and 6 speed 6l80e. This kit came with everything I needed except for a couple fittings, and the fan is wired to an ignition power source so it won't drain the battery. You can see that it is mounted to a winch mount that I had made, but without the winch there that would be a great spot to fit the cooler. Essentially I followed the return cooler line from the transmission forward until the hard lines split off into two rubber lines with the return going to the driver side of the truck. NOTE: The hard lines are 3/8" but the rubber line is 1/2" (learned that the hard way). I first held the cooler in place and measured what angle it needed to sit at and tacked together some mounts, then after a couple of iterations got it to where it fit and the skid plate did not interfere. I then finish welded, drilled, tapped, and painted the mounts. On the cooler itself, I mounted the 180 deg thermostat to the lower connection. With the cooler location determined, I then measured and cut the 3/8" rubber hose in the kit. I then clamped the return rubber line on the truck, cut the rubber hose, and connected the 3/8" cooler hoses to the pre-existing 1/2" hose on the truck. I used one 3/8-1/2 straight barbed connector and one 3/8-1/2 90 deg barbed connector. Some zip ties to tidy up the lines too. Wiring was simple as well, easiest way to get a for sure ignition power source was to get a fuse tap from autozone for a micro2 fuse and then you have a fused ignition source. Ran the power to the thermostat and then positive from motor to the other side of thermostat and the ground to the frame. The hole in the skid plate has an aluminum mesh behind it to keep small rocks out, and it's pretty high up so shouldn't see much abuse. Haven't given it a full test for cooling capability yet but the fan is nice and strong so I have no doubt it'll help. For about $200 total I'd say its a great upgrade for anyone who tows in the city or hits the trails on any steeper terrain.

    • By Gregory Cooper
      I have a 1988 GMC G3500 Vandura Box truck with 350 5.7L TBI.
      I am renovating it to be an RV. bought new motor and had a mechanic I know and trust do that and a bunch of other stuff. It drives great. Runs great and shifts great; EXCEPT when I need to down shift to pass another vehicle or going up a mountain here in West Virginia (and there are allot of them, lol).
      My son is a mechanic but in Alabama. I texted back and forth and he mentioned the things I put as tags. TPS, modulator and adjusting the TV cable. I have the service manual and two other manuals. Anyone else have the same or similar problems? I downshift by using the shifter on the column. any help is greatly appreciated. email is: [email protected]
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