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Post your Pics of your Chevy/GMC towing!

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28 minutes ago, Donstar said:

Have you tried cruising at slightly lower speeds?  My TT loaded is about the same weight and I notice a huge difference in gas mileage when I slow it down.  My setup will cruise fine at 75 (mph) but it will cost me significantly more travelling the same distance than cruising at 60.  I strive for a compromise between the two, but usually opt to burn more fuel!

I haven't tried slowing down. Maybe will try the next trip on the interstate. It is so busy with all the beach traffic, I don't want to be a hazard so to speak.  Bad enough the amount of people that fly by me when I'm doing 65.  I guess 5mph less isn't that much of a big deal. Will try and see.

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On ‎2018‎-‎06‎-‎13 at 11:55 AM, ChevyBrad1500 said:

This load was no sweat for this lil 5.3


Do you have air bags? Your truck seems really low in the front and quite high in the back. Looks like the tractor is loaded just about perfect for proper weight distribution maybe a bit tongue light, what gives? 

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Just towed this beast of an RV to Maine for a week with my 2015 5.3L. Drove it 1677 miles in 8 days. Had towed car trailers before hauling my 1975 CJ5 and a small Datsun but nothing like this thing. Definitely worked the 5.3 but she handled it. Averaged about 8 mpgs.

I do NOT have the max tow package so an aftermarket brake controller was a must. I went with the Tekonsha P3 and was glad I did. Handled the brakes like a dream and being able to manually brake the trailer on the hills and save the truck brakes worked perfectly. Dialed it in at 5.5 and Boost level 2 . Don’t skimp on a brake controller - when a tractor trailer slammed on its brakes on an on ramp it may have saved my family from a major tragedy. Stopped like the RV like it wasn’t there thankfully, and gave me just the split second I needed to check mirrors and get over safely avoiding a pile up. Plug and play install using Tekonsha’s harness. Worth the few extra dollars for my family’s safety.


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