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Rear Silverado Door won't lock or unlock

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Hello all,


Been having a little issue now that I thought I had fixed but obviously not. A few weeks ago, my rear passenger door stopped wanting to lock with the key fob and using the button on the drivers door but it would still unlock with them. I could still manually lock and unlock. Did a little research and thought forsure it was the actuator. Got a new one, put it in,and worked perfect, thought my problem was solved. However, a couple days later when I went back to recheck it and was worse off now. My fob and driver door button would not unlock it, along with I was not able to manually lock or unlock it, it was like seized up and wouldnt move. Got another one through warranty and the same thing happened..so now I am kind of lost and not sure where to go with it. I put the original back in and it still wont lock, but can at least do it manually.


I have checked fuses and it is only the one rear door. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!!


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Right when I install it it works like it should. Then I don't think about it since it is a rear and then a week later I check and it's seized. I took the door panel off too to make sure it's not jamming on something and it;s not, but i can't even push the switch on the actuator up or down. Might take it in and see if they will replace the actuator under warranty again. I am just stumped on how it works for a couple days then jams up, and now when I put my original in, I would have thought it would jam that one up too but it doesnt..

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Does GM or Chevy have an official part website? or any sites you recommend? I guess or any to stay away from? I just googled OEM of them and a bunch of sites come up..just want to be done with it. Or else I will just stop up at chevy tomorrow and order one.

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