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14-16 Kicker Double Cab SSIEXT14 Subwoofer $400.00

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FOR SELL $400.00


Only used for 6-9 months


Powered Subwoofer Upgrade System for 2014- 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab and 2015-2016 GMC Sierra Double Cab 1500.

Also compatible with 2015-2016 Chevrolet Silverado Double Cab 2500/3500 and GMC Sierra Double Cab 2500/3500.

Not compatible with models equipped with 6.2 Liter engines and Bose Audio System.
I am near Royal Oak, Michigan willing to meet up for delivery within a reasonable mileage or willing to ship at buyers expense
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    • By Texas_Edition
      I bought this back in... 2013, from a dealer in McKinney, TX (Dallas) for my 2011 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab Z-82 Texas Edition. While I was  finishing my 3" rear seat lift, Forward Firing Quad 8" 4.5cu ft NET dual ported box @ 31Hz, mounting my 5 Amps, sealing off every small hole in all 4 doors with 1/8" wood and Dynamat Extreme, my Focal Utopia 6W2 Components, Focal K2p PolyKevlar Comps, etc.....
      I ended up totalling my 2008 Sierra 5.3l the day before I received the Mechman Alternator.
      A lady pulled out on the 4 lane highway (speed limit 65mph) + middle turn lane, thinking the stoplight (in the middle of nowhere) was red, but it was green, so I never let off my cruise control, whixh was set to 69mph, 4mph over the speed limit. It was cliche. Everything happened in slow motion. I was just going to slam on my brakes and rear end her, probably giving her a 50/50 chance at surviving or swerve. But I saw a young, 4-8 year old girl in the passenger seat, so I swerved. Unfortunately, I hadn't cleaned off one of my wheel speed sensors, so my VDC wasn't working, so Iserved, thinking my VDC would save me from my sudden jerk of the wheel, but itdidn't, lost the rear end, swerved left initially, then right as my rear end got light, went across I front of her, swerved left and went straight across into a tree and rolled it 4 times. She stopped for a second, never got out and drove off. I had numerous people stop and help me. Most. who saw it, was angry at the car who clearly saw it, a few guys said I should have just ran her over.
      So anyway... my Mechman G-Series 270a Alternator with the optional $65.00 Billet Aluminum OverDrive Pulley came in the day after I totaled it.
      The OverDrive Pulley does two things. First, it lightens the unsprung rotational mass, therefore making it much easier to spin which equals more horsepower.
      2nd and most important  is that it allows much higher output and lower RPM's.
      I no longer need it as I never purchased another GM vehicle. It just happened that way. I ended up getting a Nissan Armada and now I'm in a 2011 Nissan Titan Pro-4X Crew Cab that I'm lifting 8" in the front & 9" in the rear.
      I believe I paid $600 total for it as I have the receipt.
      This fits all GM vehicles from 2004-2014 4.3l, 5.3l, 6.0l, 6.2l and many others such as 3.4l, 3.6l etc..
      It fits vehicles with the 2-Pin Alternator Wiring Harness Plug.
      The alternator I was upgrading was the Optional AC Delco DR44 145a alternator, which is for sale also.
      Never installed, never mounted, never been inside an engine bay. I do know that the smaller pulley does not require a new belt.
      I paid $499  + $65 for the Billet Aluminum Overdrive Pulley + $20'ish for Shipping
      For Sale Price: $400 + Actual UPS Fully Insured ($500) Shipping

    • By pinchepooch
      I am trying to find a single 12" enclosure for my 2017 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali Crew Cab and fit a Kicker 43CVT122?  Top-mount depth: 4-3/8" Cutout diameter: 11".  Has anybody found one, all the enclosures seem to only go up to 2016?
    • By Bkapanka
      I just bought my first newish truck, being the 2014 Silverado 2wd z71 lt. It’s got the crew cab with 5.3l under the hood. I’m currently stationed at ft Stewart ga. 
      Im just looking for some help or some advice on some upgrades I’d like to do to this truck and which products might be the best.
      - I’d like to change the headlights and fog lights from stock.
      - Put a leveling kit and some new (bigger) a/t tires on it and not sure what size being
      - Change to an aftermarket air intake.
      - Do something about the shitty stock speakers (without Bose). Wether it be new door speakers and sub(s). Or be just subs and have a separate amp just for door speakers. Do I need a processor to hook up to stock 8” head unit.
      - How do I add any app or navigation to this stock 8” head unit
      - Exhaust?
      - How to get more performance from the truck.
      Anything would help,
    • By No Coast Rider
      Hi all, first post here. I just picked up a 2015 Silverado 1500 LS Custom 5.3 Double Cab with 35,000 miles about a month ago. Even though it's pretty much a base model I'm in love with the truck so far, been wanting to get a truck for a long time, mostly to haul dirtbikes and other recreational purposes and light household work. Already had the bed Rhino lined and added nerf bars and Carhartt seat covers. 
      The only thing the truck is lacking for my purpose is the 60/40 rear seat, it has a one piece rear bench. I have a kid in a car seat that I'd like to keep on the 40 side and I want to be able to lift up the 60 to make room for my 2 50 pound dogs. The one piece bench makes that a challenge. 
      Has anyone swapped the split bench from an LT into the LS? I watched a video showing how to remove the split bench and it looks like there's a floor mount between the two segments, but my single bench only has mounts on the far outsides. Otherwise it seems like swap would be easy. 
    • By sschulze
      Replacing Bose factory 6.5" subwoofer in the center consol with a JL audio 6w3v3. I have seen many people talk about doing this but have never actually seen anyone follow through. I also replaced my rear door speakers. Factory size is 4x6 and I put in 6x8.  
      Made tempelate of speaker size and traced onto the truck door with sharpie. Then used tin snips to cut out the hole. It was super easy and there is nothing back there to get in the way. Then made a mounting ring out of MDF and a jig saw. Painted it black and put a foam sealer on it which pulled tight when I mounted the speaker. I did notice a better sound quality when I added the 6x8 over the 4x6. I swapped because I lost sound out of my back right speaker and thought why not throw a bigger speaker in there. 
      I will be installing the JL 6w3v3 with the JL jx250 amp this week and I will post pictures and let anyone know how it turned out. Obviously it's not a 10 or 12 under the rear seat but I think it will add a much better sound overall. Not looking to wake the neighborhood. I have read many places it's is "sooo complicated" to get to the Bose sub in the center consol why bother with it. Not true at all. It took 25-30 min to get the entire console out and pull the sub.  

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