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Check Out This 2,700 hp Chevy Pulling Truck


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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

Owners Jeremy & Misty Nelson and Terry Jostock, and Price Motorsports LLC, have created one of the most powerful Chevy trucks in the world. We thought the GM-trucks.com readership might like to know a little more about what goes into creating a truck with 2,700 hp. Dusty Price of Price Motorsports was kind enough to pull back the curtain and give us some details.


- Describe what the truck is for those that might not know what a Pulling Truck is.

A pulling truck is basically the Top Alcohol Funny Car class of pulling. The truck weighs a maximum of 6200 lbs with the driver and full of fuel. The truck is 15 feet from the center of the rear tire to the farthest point forward, and limited to a 575 ci engine with a 14-71 hi-helix supercharger.


- Please tell us about how the idea for the truck started. What was the inspiration and the goals?

This truck was started as an experimental piece. It has all of the latest and greatest engine, driveline, and chassis components. While we didn't believe this truck would be a winner all of the time, it has proved to be very successful right out of the box. It is owned by Jeremy & Misty Nelson and Terry Jostock.



- Tell us what underpins the truck. What is the basis of it and how did you build it up?

The chassis with what we call a wedge design frame. It is pressed metal in the shape of C-Channel but wider at the rear and more narrow at the front of the truck. There are also tube designs out there but this Jostock built frame has proved to be a success.

The driveline starts with a 3-4 disk Crower clutch inside a Probell bell housing, after that there is an SCS Gearbox reverser and 3 speed transmission. The driveshaft then travels to the rearend into an SQHD center section (the side of a semi truck center section) and out to the SCS Gearbox planetaries that power the 18.4x16.1 tires.


- Give some understanding of its specs and what it is capable of. How did you measure the specs (hp, torque etc)

The engine being upwards of 2700 hp and 2000 ft/lb of torque is pretty cool. These trucks are known for their wild wheelstands down the track. Plus fans like to root for their favorite brand of truck. It generates some friendly rivalry for them, which makes it fun for us.


- Has it won any awards?

This truck has won several pulls already this season, and won several fan votes. So the guys are pleased.


- If you could go back to the very beginning and do one thing differently, what would that be?

I believe if we were to start over, we would probably put more money into the engine. While we also push our equipment to the max, the supercharger is a vital piece to success. A blower can make or break your program.


- Share your time investment with us (man-hours, years of work, however you like) and only if you want to, what dollar value you would estimate the truck to have.

The truck was built in just over 3 months. The chassis was bought as a roller with the entire driveline from SCS Gearbox already assembled, the body was already made specifically for the truck from GTS Fiberglass, so it was easier to mount. And these hemi based engines are very easy to install, even with the entire clutch assembly and Probell bell housing bolted on. So overall it is an easy puzzle to piece together. The dollar value of this particular truck is in the $150,000 range. The engine alone is pushing around $90,000.


Thanks very much Dusty.


GM-trucks,com would like to thank Tim Esterdahl and Craig Daitch for bringing this story to our attention.







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