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2003 GMC Sierra Hvac hardly blowing out any air

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Having issues with my AC and HEAT, they will both blow out hot and or cold with nothing funky going on, but no matter at what speed its on it will hardly come out. I swapped out the blower motor and blower motor resistor and still nothing. I saw on some other forums that some wires / connectors had heat damage either at the resistor and the fuse box but all looked fine to me and I was getting the correct voltage. What should I check next? Thank you in advance

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Hi welcome to GM-Trucks.com ! , Here is my opinion

1.IF (and its possible due to your year ) your truck has a Cabin air filter ( between motor and blender) you may want to pull it and replace. Gm removed the cabin filter in production due to just the problem you describe. There are Videos on you tube on that as well.

2. IF that's not it... You seem like you are on the right track, did you hear the Blower motor pick up speed?

3. If answer to #1 is yes, then you may need to work on the "blender" (left of the blower) and that can hang up and or block air if in wrong spot. It has its own motor. There a couple videos on you tube showing how it works.

Good luck, and update how you made out please for everyone's benefit !

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I have had to replace the blower speed switch on the dash on a couple 200-2003 trucks , thats your next stop. Remove dash panel is easy and just clips in at edges, then you can get that panel with switch on it out easily. Good luck!

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I just replaced my resistor yesterday because the blower wouldn't turn off even after my truck was off. After I replaced it and wired up the new harness color for color the blower worked but nothing came out of the vents. I pulled the blower out and turned on the truck and the fan was spinning the wrong way. So I reversed the to wires that go to the blower from the resistor and now it's running the way it's supposed to. Reverse the orange and purple wires to the fan. Not the black and red to the resistor. I tried that first and the fan kicked in without the truck on when I hooked up the battery.

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    • By GrumpyYoungMan
      Hello all!  I am hoping for a little help to get me started in the right direction.
      My work truck is a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel, and I apologies in advance for the length of this post!
      In the summer I started having issues with my truck batteries draining completely while parked.  Anytime I didn't drive it for a few days, dead.  Batteries tested as needing replacement (they were 9 years old).  Replaced both batteries and back to life!  Fast forward several months and I thought I had the same issue, dead batteries and the truck remotes wouldn't unlock the doors.  Unlucky me, somebody also tried to steal the truck a bit before this and punched out the lock so I couldn't get in.  Quick call to the tow truck and the door was unlocked.  I popped the key into the ignition and it started right up so I guess the batteries weren't dead?  At the time I thought that was strange but the remote door locks were working again and I headed off to buy a new lock cylinder and batteries for the Fobs.  I wondered at this time if the issue was the non-stop rain we were having.  I noticed that the drivers side rear passenger seat belt was wet when I unrolled it and thought there may be water getting into the truck somehow, but the headliner looks dry.
      I really should have installed the cylinder but didn't because, well, it was raining and I didn't have a garage to work in.  During these few weeks the door worked just fine most of the time.  At times it seemed like the truck just wouldn't wake up until I had pressed the FOB enough times and uttered a curse or two, and then it happened again.  Locked out.  Called the tow truck again and got the doors unlocked.   Truck starts but this time the remote unlock doesn't come back to life.  I sucked it up and installed the new lock cylinder in the pouring rain so at least I could lock the doors.  At this time I started getting messages through the DIC about the TPMS needing servicing.
      I drove randomly for the next month and a half without getting the situation fixed due to...life happening fast and hard.  Then I noticed that while I was driving the gauges looked like the reset.  Everything dropped to zero and the lights for the airbags, check engine etc lit up.  I got messages across the DIC to have the air bags and 4x4 system serviced, and the radio went dark.  Within a second or two the gauges came back to life and the radio restarted and all went back to normal.  I checked the battery terminals to make sure they were clean and tight then wrote it off to a bad road and didn't think more of it.  I clipped off the wiring for the camper harness as I noticed it was corroded and potentially arcing, and I pulled the fuse on the obstruction system (parking sensors) because of error codes for an open ground and bad sensor.  (I don't use the system anyway because of hitches and trailering)
      Over the last 3 weeks the gauges have started to reset themselves more and more frequently while driving, and once the engine didn't shut down when I turned and removed the key.  I quickly put the key back in, gave it a quick turn on and off and the truck shut down.  I have had the batteries die twice in that time and I don't know if it was my toddler playing with the cab lights or something else.
      As of yesterday the gauges and radio will only work when the truck initially starts.  After the start they will operate for a few seconds then warning lights galore and gauges drop to zero.  Radio goes dark, but HVAC stays on.  Dash remains lit up and DIC works but the transmission selector doesn't show what gear the truck is in.  Turn indicators will illuminate but not flash.  Once even with the truck off and the key out the HVAC stayed on and the blower kept running.  Buttons on the climate control panel were nonresponsive so I had to pull and replace the fuse on the HVAC.
      I know that the truck will need to go and get professionally assessed, however I am hoping for a little guidance as to what the issue(s) could be.  Given the holidays and weather, getting an appointment to get the truck checked over hasn't been easy and I want to make sure I get it into the right type of shop.
      Any guidance or insight is appreciated.  Again, sorry for the rambling nature of the post.
    • By DoErUp
      Hey all,
      I recently had my blower stop working on 1, then on all speeds. Figured it was the resistor pack since I had the same issue a couple of years ago so i pulled it out to check, and found one of the pins in the resistor pack had completely melted both the male and female ends. Following a forum post from somewhere I ordered a full blower motor kit (motor/resistor pack/ new connector and partial harness) and installed it today. The blower now works like it should, except when set to 5 it shuts off. It does click audibly when the dial is set to 5, which i remember reading is proper operation, but the motor does not move.
      Just wondering where I should start looking. I'm guessing either one of the connections I made on the new harness isn't good enough (can't make enough sense of the wiring diagrams to see which is 5), or rockauto gave me a bad resistor.
    • By Katy Sanders
      I purchased my 2021 Yukon AT4 brand new in June. I haven't had to use the heat until recently (I live in TN). The front heat blows warm air while I'm driving, but when I stop at a long light or put it in park, the air starts to blow cold until I start driving it around again. Also, in the rear of the cabin, it's never blown hot air...ever. Even after running the controls on full blast on HI for an hour -- air is still ice cold. I've tried it with the Auto Stop On and Off and it makes no difference. Anyone else have this issue? 
    • By Brad Porter
      I have a 2014 Silverado 5.3 my ac works great when it’s not really hot or early in the am. But later in the day it has problems when the cooling fan kicks in high speed my ac compressor clutch disengages. And when it kicks but down in speed ac clutch will engage again it will continue to does this up and down routine. What is the problem ?????? Freon is good no leaks works great other then when it’s above about 86 degrees outside. Also the truck is not over heating havnt seen it over 210 
    • By Elijah Paul
      hi everyone,
      ive looked high and low with no luck, so apologies of this is directly cited somewhere.

      The plastic grooves/housing where the blower motor twists into place under the glove box, are brittle and broken. Therefore, my blower fan will not stay in place.
      Is that plastic housing or assembly core sold as a stand alone part? Trying to figure out a way to get the blower motor secured without duct tape or something else.
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