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Connecting jumper cables to a 2016 Silverado 1500..I'm confused.

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The negative battery terminal is tucked away under the lip of the hood, just enough to prevent a jumper cable getting to it. I figured there had to be a local ground somewhere, but after looking around like an idiot for too long, I checked the manual. The manual shows it here for the 4.3L and says 5.3L and 6.2 Similar. So again, I looked all over. And saw nothing. Now I'm feeling dumb. I went to get my oil changed today and I basically said, this is going to sound ****ing stupid, but could you show me how to attach jumper cables on this truck, I can't figure it out for the life of me, there's no local ground, and every metal surface under the hood is painted.


He said he was going to go over it with the tech and get back to me. The only solution they could come up with was attaching the negative cable directly to the alternator. I understand that this will work, but why is my truck missing the local ground? Can someone else check and see if they have a local ground? I just feel like it's a shitty cop out, yeah, I can attach it to the alternator, but these aren't cheap trucks by any means, you think they'd at least include a solid ground to attach to?



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I've had to jump start someone maybe 5 or so times and never had a problem getting my jump cable to the negative terminal and they're pretty heavy duty so not cheap cables. Mine does have the small hooks at the ends, kind of like a lobster or crab and that does seem to help.

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I hook mine to the alternator tab sticking out. Can't really access it with the big ass air pipe in the way which is why I went with a Volant intake so I can access it. I used to hook it to the negative battery terminal with my autozone 2 gauge jumper cables, but they always managed to slip off or not get a very good connection

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