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Alarm and Keyless Entry or just Keyless on LT?

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Recently bought a 2015 1500 Crew Cab 4x4 LT with 1LT plus package. Seems fairly nicely equipped but noticed that when locked with the key FOB the light sensor/ alarm light on the dashboard does not light up or flash. Also noticed that if I unlock the door with a key and open the door no alarm sounds (I believe I read that this should set off the alarm). Is it really possible that the keyless entry doesn't include any sort of alarm or does it seem like it just isn't working right? Figured WT model may be Keyless Entry only but no alarm on LT? How do I know if there is supposed to be an alarm or at least a light that blinks when the truck is locked?

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In my experience w/ other brands of vehicles, I do know that some keyless entry systems are just that - keyless entry only. My 2015 LT does have an alarm w/ the keyless entry.

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Does anyone else have an LT that doesn't have an alarm built into their keyless entry system?

LTZ71 - Keyless entry/w/alarm was in All Star Edition option package.....the theft deterrent system is standard only on the LTZ

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Check your RPO list...For example


AU0 is keyless entry only

AU3 side door electric

AP3 is keyless entry with remote start

AP5 is keyless entry passive

and so on. This is mine




Also there is an option where you can add delay for the alarm to sound after you unlock the door with the key to give you time to reach the ignition.

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