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Ticking sound from driver foot well when accelerating? 2016 5.3l 8sp

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On 5/27/2019 at 2:49 PM, Beastin said:

I can’t watch the clip you posted but if it’s a ticking noise coming from your footwell while driving then yes! The easiest solution I have come up with since my previously failed attempt with the hose clamp is to buy a can of spray white lithium grease, install the red straw in the spray tip and liberally spray between the steering shaft and steering shaft boot to fill the gap you see in the pic I previously posted. I’ve gone a few days and the noise is completely gone and it’s a super easy non invasive solution. I just wiped off the excess with a rag to give a clean appearance... I’m so happy to have my life back while driving and to know that’s all it takes to cure it when need be. I am still working on a permanent solution and when I get the time I’ll test it out and keep you guys informed on the results.

any updates?  Thanks!

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What do you guys think of drilling a small hole through the rubber and the plastic bushing and then adding a zerk fitting?  If I recall the bushing has grooves in it.  When you pump the grease it will be forced around those grooves making a tight seal once again.  The synthetic grease I used is form an old tube my parts man gave me like 15 years ago.  It is industrial and very stick like chewing gum so in bonds to just about anything.  It is rated for high temps, shocks and resits washout.

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On 2/24/2017 at 7:32 PM, MOhunter92 said:

Nope, mine was constantly doing it correlating with throttle. More noticeable in v4 mode cruising but it would increase with throttle. Try climbing under your truck and just bang on that driver side cat, it's a long shot but that's what I did



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Just curious if your noise stayed gone? I have the same issue in a 19 Tahoe 

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On 2/24/2017 at 12:10 PM, MOhunter92 said:

Well guys, just got my truck back. The noise is gone, I've tried to get it to it several times and it's not there. The tech and I looked along the entire exhaust and there was no sign of any leaking. What he did do is replace my steering shaft for a funny noise it was making, that's about it. When I was underneath the truck, I hit the driver side cat several times with my fist to see if I could hear anything loose inside it, that's the only thing I did.


I couldn't believe driving it home not hearing a damn rattlesnake coming from my footwell. It might come back, who knows but all I do know is this truck has made the sound since it had a few hundred miles and I have 10K now still doing it until this most recent visit to the dealer. Just thought I would share and tell you guys knock on your driver side cat a little bit and see if that does anything



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https://www.tsbsearch.com/Chevrolet/PIP5570A this came out in 2018. I bet the steering shaft is what fixed yours! 

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On 1/14/2019 at 10:57 PM, Rydog28 said:

Same issue on my 2018 Z71 with 4,000 miles.  Dealership heard the noise but doesn’t have a fix.  I still think it’s exhaust related near the drivers seat.  I’m going to hit that cat  tomorrow to see if it stops.  Very frustrating since my buddies truck sounds perfect.   Any solutions please hit me up.  The random ticking/rattlesnake sound can’t me normal!


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On 25/05/2019 at 3:56 PM, Coledtaylor said:

Is this the same sound everyone is referring too?  

What did we agree on the solution being?

The dealer said they fixed it but they didn’t and I’m so sick of this noise!


Sounds like mine...did you find a fix..it happens every time i accelerate and most noticable when maintaining a cruising speed and lightly pressing throttle happens louder in v4 but continues into v8 only stops when releasing throttle...not impressed

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Hey Everyone,

take a look at the above thread (I posted a few photos). I replaced my boot and added grease July 9th, 2020 and no noise since. IMO the issue is where the boot meets the firewall. My factory installed boot had a good amount of white adhesive in certain spots pinching the rubber flaps preventing a proper seal. Caution to those thinking about adding grease with a gun/syringe, adding too much may cause the grease to go behind the firewall!

Best of luck!


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