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info about T one connector for trailer wiring to power aux lights

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Has anyone used this connector for the trailer wiring harness? I'm not even sure what its called, but I found this one on Amazon. I want to get the extra flat connector to power some aux lights. I'm concerned if this will give me any issues down the road with a short or corroded connectors behind the bumper.


Also, I have never removed the 7 pin connector from behind. Does this thing really just pop into the outlet in the bumper? they only have this one crappy image so I can't really tell what I'm getting.


I'm just looking for confirmation that this will work as well/ easy as I think it will before I purchase it. Thanks in advance.










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nothing wrong now. I just want an additional flat connector below/ behind the bumper so I can run power to some lights without having to splice wires. I also don't want to connect to the regular plug that is built into the bumper and have exposed wires visible from the exterior.


The idea is to have a safe reliable auxiliary plug for lights, while leaving the stock trailer plugs open & operational.


also, to clarify, last year I ran a strobe light for plowing from my trailer plug. Since I remove it when winter's over, I want it to be removable, aka, not hard wired.

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What kind of lights are you planning to use, what purpose?

How many amps will they drew, or if you know how many watts you can calculate the current draw.

What kind of fused protection are you planning?

Are planning on a relay to trigger the lights?



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My intention is to use some small LEDs for backup lights. So no additional load above what a trailer would draw. I will never use the strobe light while pulling a trailer. That's kind of why I want the plug to remove it when I'm not plowing.


no relay, I would just use the existing reverse light circuit for the trailer to power the back-up lights and continue using the tail-light circuit for the strobe (it worked for me last winter)

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Bump. Anyone out there using one of these?

It's not plug and play, sorry. For what you want, you will have remove wiring harness for your 7 pin plug and splice in your 4 prong into those wires.


If you're not comfortable enough spicing wires correct, I would suggest a auto audio store or a place that installs receiver hitches. They will splice in, shrink wrap and then put it back in a protective sheath.


Your only other option would be t-wire splices. A little connector that splices one wire and T's off that wire.


So to run your reverse led light bars, you would need to splice into the reverse light wire for your power wire, then Just find a good ground. Prob a self tapping screw to frame. That will complete your circuit for your light bar

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