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2013 Silverado Z71 4x4 lift/level recommendations

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Hi there, this is a two part post, so please bare with me,


First, I'm wondering what everyone recommends for lift/level on a 2013 Siverado. It is a Z71 4x4, and the previous owner had installed Monroe shocks and struts. There is 1.25 inch blocks on the rear leafs (leaves?), but I can't tell how much lift the front shocks gave the truck, and what it would look like when I take those out and put a new lift/level kit in.


Second, I'm wondering whether this setup is considered a level, and if that's the case, how can I gain as much more ground clearance as possible without stressing the driveline and axles too much. I currently have 265/70/r18 tires on the truck and I know tires are what give the truck ground clearance so I guess bigger tires is what I'm really looking for?Any inout is very much appreciated!

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You need to give more info on how you will use the truck... Off road, towing or hauling ? or is it just a show and shine parking lot queen ? It's all very relevant. With a large tire, you should first check your final drive ratio. Installing a tire that's more than a couple inches or so larger than stock size, with a numerically low gear, will limit power to the ground, and greatly increase stress on drive components !


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I would bet those Monroe Struts are the quick-struts and are simply a direct replacement for the factory coil-overs (and likely don't raise the front any).


You could slap a 2" or 2.5" level kit on there and you should have all the clearance you need. I recommend (and have on my truck) the 2.5" level from Top Gunz Customz.


Here is a link to the kit: http://www.topguncustomz.com/i-25499545-2-5-2007-2016-gm-cadillac-1500-silverado-sierra-1500-leveling-lift-spacers.html?ref=category:1319299


The circular spacer goes on top of the front strut and the rectangular spacer goes on the bottom. You will basically pull each strut out (one side at a time), place the spacer on top first, then on bottom and reinstall. These will likely go right on the Monroe struts the previous owner placed in there no problem.

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