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Thank you so much for all of your time and research on this Pgamboa! Your custom harness made the conversion so easy and was a straight foward plug & play. I love my DL3 conversion mirrors and I can not say enough about your character sir!


I am planning on making a video of the door harness removal and install once the weather clears up!

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Great write up and I've been following this upgrade closely. I'm assuming this works on 2016 Tahoe LT? I'll work on finding the DL3 mirrors then come back to you for the harnesses!



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Great write up and I've been following this upgrade closely. I'm assuming this works on 2016 Tahoe LT? I'll work on finding the DL3 mirrors then come back to you for the harnesses!



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I would imagine the upgrade on the Tahoe would be the same or similar. All depends if GM did the same thing with how the DL3 content on the harnesses are setup. My guess is yes, since I'm sure they have Seat Memory options that is the reason for why they change the way the circuits are done.



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I've already successfully completed the DL3 to DQS conversion, but i'd just like to say, Excellent write up! Very detailed and informative. :cheers:

Thank You! Also, thanks for confirming your GM Supported upgrade did not require any BCM and/or Memory Module Calibration.


Even though the Vehicle Acceptability for Retrofit indicates that a BCM and/or Memory Module Calibration is required, one was not needed here.



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Once again I thank you for making something that I thought was a hopeless dream a reality. With your custom harnesses that made converting my lame ass dl8 mirrors to Dl3 come to life... for 225 bucks for the harnesses after purchasing the dl8 mirrors the ease of plug and play was a huge sigh of relief.

I thought I was doomed that I would never have blinkers or Puddle lights, you sir took all the guess work out of this conversion.

Sorry for the run on sentences guys...

but for all looking to convert your mirrors from dl8 to dl3 .. this is the guy to speak to... I want to add that harnesses look just as if Gm set them up themselves you will not be disappointed at all

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Can I use a diode to get my puddle lamps to blink with the turn signals?

You sure can. Just need to find the Turn signal circuit in the BCM and and add the diode. I can look that up for you if interested.



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Great write up I wish they were cheaper to convert .

I do offer a DIY Kit for $50 if you want to perform the mod on your existing harnesses. If you were to source the harnesses new, you're looking at an average cost of $150 for the set. It takes me about 2-3 hours to make the modifications and test. I perform continuity tests and install each harness on my truck to verify that they all work. I wouldn't have the peace of mind if I wasn't as critical in their operation and testing. I hope my options offer an affordable way to achieve the upgrade.



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I think I read somewhere that the suvs are plug and play, unlike the trucks. Phil does some awesome work and I love my mirrors. Not only do they look cool, but the added safety is well worth it.

can anyone verify plug and play on Tahoe? This forum has been more useful than Tahoe forums lol



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I'm in the process of upgrading the factory full featured power fold mirrors on my 2017 Sierra Denali to the full featured power fold tow mirrors.

I have to say that @pgamboa has been a massive help & I mean massive! The time, quality and effort he has put into his gear is incredible ! Looks and performs as good (if not better) than OEM !


Here's a sneak peak:




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    • By Bleepster
      I have searched, but i am still confused.
      i have a 2011 Silverado LT 1500.  i have just the regular door mirrors (no blinker, don't extend, don't close, power adjusting).
      i want to replace them with these:
      Amazon.com: YITAMOTOR Towing Mirrors Compatible with Chevrolet GMC Cadillac Silverado Sierra 07-13 Power Heated Telescoping with LED Arrow Signal Light: Automotive
      will the blinker in the mirror work with the original harness in my truck?  Some say yes, others say no.  can anyone help?  do i need to look for a specific RPO code or something?
      thanks for any insight
    • By Rally6.2RST
      I got power fold mirrors and memory seats working today.   
      I have a loaded RST Silverado but power fold/memory was not an option on RST.   My body harness had all the wires and pin layout for this to work.  I did not have to rewire anything.  I only had to replace harnessess/switches and maybe window regulator.  I also did not need to program the memory module.  I bought power fold mirrors a few months ago when I added 360 camera to the truck so I thought I would try adding power fold/memory and cooled seats.  Cooled seats do not work yet that will need BCM programming.  
      At first I had everything connected and it didn't work.  This was depressing, then I put down driver window and everything started working.
      Key fobs folds mirrors in and out.  Driver switch works folding/adjusting mirrors/windows (minus passenger).  Mirrors point down in reverse (when I turn that option on).  I can use fob to put windows down(when I turn option on).  Passenger window is not working correctly, only works from passenger side.  All memory functions work.  Seats vibrate with cross traffic alert(when I turn option on).  All the options to show up in my radio.  Passenger power seat works.  The only thing I don't think works is there are no pop up messages on my speedometer like if I am driver 1 or 2 with memory seats.  I also don't know if puddle lights work yet.  I will find out when it gets dark.  Puddle lights do not work.
      I found most parts on ebay/ junk yard and lookupgmparts.com
      Buy list
      - Pair of power seats with driver memory seat
      - L Power fold mirror 
      - L Switch Harness 84449518
      - L Switch 84512862
      - L Door Harness 84622367
      - L Door Bezel w/ memory 84522626 (got on ebay, might have to buy a whole door card dont think they sell just bezel)
      - memory switch
      - R Power fold mirror
      - R Switch Harness 84449516
      - R Switch 84559726
      - R Door Harness  84622368
      - R Window Regulator 84652636 (?? not working right)
    • By JonnyB
      For Sale:
      Set of DL8 Mirrors from a 2017 Silverado LT
      These are the manual fold, power adjust basic mirrors.
      Mirror Cap finish is textured black.
      Great Condition
      Located in RI/MA/CT
      Also have the arm rest bezel/switch for the power adjust controls if interested
      Asking $140 shipped.

    • By Bryan Tiedens
      I want to know if the 2014 to 2018 power fold towing mirrors will bolt on to the 2007 2013 body style I know the wiring harnesses are going to be different but will they bolt on is my question
    • By ecooper72
      so i have a 2003 sierra and the signal and defrost went out of the passenger mirror, so i bought a new glass and the signal didnt work, so i returned the mirror and got to looking into a whole new mirror. i looked at my build sheet and it says i have power folding mirrors, which i didnt know ! i bought the truck used. once i recognized this i tried to fold them in and it didnt work. the production code in the glove box says i have DL3 mirrors. so after all this i just want to know if i have power folding mirrors and maybe there broken? any thoughts or advice and maybe the best place to get new mirrors or mirror
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