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2017 GMC Sierra 1500: Surge, Hesitation, Chuggle, Misfire, Feeling wit

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17 hours ago, Soundbone said:

No the pedal won't move now but I don't move them anyway. It really made a difference in my truck

Ok, so it's basically "locked down" in the highest/most-towards-your-seat position, it sounds like?

I have mine all the way out/away (I'm 6'5") so will this method probably not do as much for me?


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I got it in the fully up position, as far from the seat as possible, then used a zip tie to secure it there, there is still some play but I'm taking it back to gm to let them try and fix it before I try anything else. 

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    • By tms1989
      Hello! Yesterday I acquired a 2003 Silverado with 140,000 miles on the engine. Today I was going over the truck and I washed out the bottom very thoroughly. Got a little bit of rust dust and some chips of undercoating off. I really went to town cleaning the underside. After this I took the truck for a little drive and started to get a flashing check engine light. The truck seemed to drive fine at speed but when I pulled off onto a side street it felt like it was misfiring a little bit, rough idle. I turned off the truck and turned it back on and the flashing CEL returned after a few seconds. I started to head back home and after about 30 seconds the light went away. I have driven it a few times since then and nothing has come back. I had nothing before washing out the bottom.
      What could be the cause of this?
      Thanks for all replies!
    • By megaelectronvolt
       My first problem, and post with my 2014 silverado , regular cab, 75000 miles, 4.3L auto trans. Hope I explain this well.  This just started abruptly today.
      While coasting in drive, under 45 MPH, it feels like brake lightly/quickly applied, or converter lock up about every 2 seconds until stop. Very lightly, but feels harsher if brakes are applied lightly. Goes away when shifted
      into neutral while coasting.  Gut feeling is torque converter locking up for unkown reason. Ideas?  Thanks, Kevin
    • By Steven Muraoka
      Hey all,
      2017 Silverado, 5.3/6spd.
      My transmission issue only happens when I first drive the truck for the first time in the morning. The truck has to have been sitting overnight for this to occur.
      After starting the truck and driving, the trans will "fish bite" or stutter when shifting from third to fourth. It will do this once, (maybe twice) and be good and problem free for the rest of the day.
      Has anyone else experienced this? It only happens when the truck is first driven after sitting overnight. It's not really a major issue, as it doesn't happen again after the first time, but it's pretty annoying. This issue only occurs at light/part throttle, and my speed is around 25-30 mph. I do not notice any variances on the tach while this happens. Also, if I drive with more pedal/throttle, I will not experience this stutter.
      I spoke with the dealer about this when I went in for my second free oil change, and they could not replicate the issue. During my first trip to the dealer, they downloaded a program update for the transmission. It helped overall, but the isolated problem is still present in the morning. 
      I have read somewhere on this forum, that this was a "normal" occurance, and attempts to remedy should not be attempted. I believe that post mentioned that transmission fluid temperature played some part in this.
      Any ideas or input? Thanks in advance!
    • By Doonatic
      Hey guys, I need some help.
      Recently my only vehicle,  an 03 2500hd 6.0 4x4 started to hesitate during start up. It bogs down as if it sounds like it is not getting any fuel when i step on the gas. Instead of revving up, it sounds as if it is choking on too much air, and no fuel. I changed the oil, filter, and air, and filled with gas from one of the two gas stations I always fill at. I have owned this truck most if its life, 11 yrs and 180k+ miles on her.  When it started doing it the temperature outside was about 45-48 degrees, and I was coming off a graveyard shift. At the same time, it was choking and struggling to stay running, the computer (dash gauges and info center) also started freaking out and throwing messages “change engine oil” and “oil life reset” and “loss of engine power”. Once it quit, the distance to empty now was not reading the same as it was when i shut it off at midnight. In fact about 70 miles less, and the gauge still said full. Once it was “stable” to drive home, on one of the hills i was climbing, clearly the motor was loosing power, tranny wasnt downshifting, and loosing speed quickly, and some hesitation. However at the top of the hill, it ran just fine. 
      Fast forward a day, started fine, ran fine. Next day, changed some bushings on the lift, drove into town just fine. When I left the store, started just fine, backed out and started to to proceed to the exit, and it started hesitating again. Cleared up after about 10 seconds, then on my merry way again. Got to the house, luckily, and it started the whole cycle over again. Throttle response was all but gone, sounded as if it was bogging or flooding the motor with air, but under idle struggling to stay at running, and choking, rpms are below 500 when it does it. Once I get the motor to stabilize with the feathering if the throttle, i can put my foot into it and it revs just fine. Computer still shows 187 mi to empty, when it was 265.
      The things I have done to this truck since I have owned it are, new (used) transfer case, new front end ( multiple times) , new (reman) dash gauge cluster,  change plugs, water pump, k and n, batteries, window regulators, new climate control unit. 
      I hope you guys can help, before having to ATTEMPT to take it anywhere. 
    • By Geiser100
      2015 Silverado Regular cab with 4.3 V6. Has just under 14,000 miles. The other day after work I drove to the store and was gone for about 15 min. I kept my phone plugged into the charger. Came out, started the truck and it acted like it was gasping for fuel. Almost like starting up an old lawn mower. It then started surging a few times until I hit the gas and gave it some real juice. Then it became normal. This has only happened one time but it scared me. The only thing different I've been doing lately is running E85 fuel. On my 3rd tank of E85. Temperature has been in the high 50s to mid 60s. So not sure. Any input? Was just inspected and had synthetic oil change two weeks ago.
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