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95 Chevy 1500 4x4 NO CRANK, NO START

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My son has a 95 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 5.7 Liter VIN K Truck. He noticed over the last couple of weeks he would need to continue to turn the key to get the truck to start. Last night he drove the truck, sat for about an hour truck would not turn over. Lights on the dash came on (but they where sort of dim) so we assumed the starter finally gave it up. We went to local parts store, bought a starter installed in the parking lot went to start the truck still nothing. We checked the battery with on ohm meter, check fuses everything seemed to be ok. I ended up jumping the connections on the started (Positive to the little wire on the starter). The truck started just fine. After we got home, i had my son turn the truck off and try to restart the truck, still nothing. The truck does start if we jump the starter. Does anyone have a fix for this? Or an idea? Any will be appreciated.

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While at the Auto Parts store I would have had them do a load test on your battery. Advance Auto Parts and Auto Zone can do this.


Based on what you've stated, to me it sounds like a weak battery under load, or bad connection on battery to starter (check connections/clean the battery connection).


You've stated you have your dash lights, this indicates your ignition switch is ok. (My ignition switch went bad on my 1995 Silverado, however when I turn the key to run...nothing or no lights.)


Hope this gives you a little more insight.



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If you can't find the culprit in the battery to starter- investigate ghosts in the Pass Lock system. That gave me headaches for months in my 1998 before they finally found a loose wire in the steering column. Sorry i don't know much more detail about it, but your issues sound pretty similar to what I went through. some days it would start just fine, others- nothing.

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Well yesterday i found the culprit to the no crank no start. The ignition starter switch was bad. That is the reason the lights would come on when the key was turned on, but no crank no start when the key was turned all the way to start. Before when finalized this was the problem, i removed the cover and jumped the yellow wire to the red wire and the vehicle would start. Was no a huge undertaking on removing and installing. Here is a link i found on youtube!

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I have a similar no start/no crank issue on my 98 GMC Sierra k1500. The previous owner had resorted to a toggle switch/push button ignition due to several failing ignition switches. I removed that system and went back to stock system, replacing battery, ignition switch, ignition lock housing, key lock cylinder, neutral safety switch, checked all fuses & relays. Everything seems to work normal (all lights, fuel pump, dashboard, etc..) when key is in accessory or on positions. The only way it will crank normally, is if I jump between red - red/white at ignition switch. This indicates to me that there’s a connection not being made within the switch, right? This is my second new switch, just in case I got a bad one first time. Truck hasn’t moved! I’ve noticed there’s no key in ignition, door open or lights on chime and appears chime relay or whatever it’s called is missing from relay panel on fire wall near brake pedal. Would this affect the starting circuit? I am so stumped and getting sores on my head from scratching it. Please help!! ?


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