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I just started a thread and didn't see this one on the speaker rattle.  The dealership told me it's because I had the bass button all the way up.  That's how I've always had it on almost every truck/vehicle I've owned and they never did this unless blown out or something in the door panel was loose.  I will ask them to try checking the door panel.

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Ha. Have to love those dealer excuses.




Functioning as designed.


They all do that.


And now...


Turn the bass down. 

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i hear a rattle when hitting bumps. 


Turn the the radio up



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    • By carsonj493
      Just the other day I started to notice a vibration/rattle noise coming from the front passenger side around 70mph. It almost sounds like the windshield, or what you would expect something rattling against glass to sound like. I can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from, but’s somewhere within the vicinity of the passenger side dash/windshield/headliner area. Sounds more like it’s around the headliner area. 
      It it mostly only seems to happen at higher speeds (70+mph) although today I did just today hear it at 60mph for the first time. My guess is maybe the the windshield is leaking some air since it happens at higher speeds??? Because going over bumps doesn’t seem to have any negative or positive impact on the noise. 
      Anyone else have any issue like this, or any guess as to what it might be?
    • By Rfordhamjr
      Hay everyone,
      Just got a 19 Chevy 1500. Im looking to add a small sub-woofer. I need to find out the color coding on the wiring harness for the back left speaker.  
      My amp has a high level input and I want to tap in in an easy spot. This picture is from right be the power seat adjustment control.  
      does anyone have any subjection where I might find a wire diagram. Been looking but no luck finding it. May just be to new to have that info out in the wild.... 

    • By LSU tiger fan
      My first post!!  I purchased the OPT7 AURA Pro light kit to install on the floor board  in my 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. (Hard to believe a $67,000 truck does not have lights there).  Does anyone know which wire from the door that tells the dome light to come on when the door opens?  Or have the wiring diagram? 
    • By GMCDW08
      On my 2008 GMC Sierra SLE ext. cab, my “driver door ajar” warning comes on when I put the vehicle into gear. My dome lights turn off and the doors all lock, including the driver door. Would the problem be in the driver door latch? Is there anything else that could cause this issue?
      Thank you. 
    • By DeltaTek
      Well today while driving down the highway without warning my drivers side window decided to explode for no apparent reason. There was no traffic passing me or passing by in the oncoming lane. The only other vehicle was another car behind me about 75ft or so. Anyone else had this happen please share.

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