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So 7 years ago I sold my 05 gmc sierra and regretted the second day. I recently started looking for a used truck and out of pure blessing I drove by some used lots and see what I thought looked liked my old truck sitting in the back. I went and looked under to see if it was. (I had headers and a custom exhaust I had built). Sure enough it was it...the exhaust, the dent in the tailgate from a chain breaking it was all there...but the ole girl has a sore hoof....bad.


First I noticed about 5 drops of fresh oil on the ground, the driver side cv axle was out of it (broken) and the truck was just rough! Went and talked to the dealer and told him the story and even had the spare key still haha! My tag receipt with my name on it turned out to still be in the glove box. So long story short he let me have it for what he gave for it on trade it...which was 3k.


the inside isn't bad at all..heated seats still work, ac, heat, bose stereo still sounds great!


the bad..at first I thought the motor was gone..it had 5psi oil pressure...turns out it was 2 quarts low.

The cv axle on the drive side was broke out.

Body damage (scratches, dings, and just neglected).


So I took it home..05 with 221,000 miles! the motor sounds good and doesn't knock and has power. the oil is back up to idling at 20psi and 40psi going down the road. Now it does smoke a little bit sometimes on start up. For the time being I put some 10w30 in it with some lucas.


Mod list is Pacesetter headers


procomp wheels

custome tune.



Now I don't know if a valve cover could leak bad enough to drop oil on the ground after driving. I was thinking the oil pressure sending unit maybe leaking. I have had them leak before and had the oil gauge fluctate psi readings.


The leaks





More leaks...not sure wha'ts leaking yet but something is badddddd.














The truck now.





The truck when I sold it...way back when.







Sorry for the long post but I'm super excited to have it back.


So far the plans are to make sure the motor is gonna hold for bit.

Fix the cv axle, and make any emergency repairs to the front end for the time being.


Start trying to find a 5.3 to re-build and swap in while I run the life out of this one.


Eventually...SAS this thing.!

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That's a cool story with a happy ending... a little bit of work and it will be better than you remember it. I would love to run across my old truck, cried the day I had to sell it.


Congrats on finding her again!

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I still look around today...dating back to 1988.

I remember 23 machines.


I had a 1974 ford, unique mirrors like a tractor trailer.

I look over in back to a white glimpse one town away and 29 years later...

unique mirrors..check.

positive rake...check.


strangely strong looking f 100 2x4... check.


I have yet to stop and inquire about the sinking ford.

That would give me goose bumps.




glad you revived a sold project.

valve covers do not leak on the ground at 5psi.

you are air bound at the oil cooler adapter...or looking again, rear main or some spot close to the oiler.

I would wonder how it got this far with no cooler...


drop it down and refresh it for a few dollars.


..and these trucks love the 200 dollar billet filters.(unless you can find pro products versions for 100)

I'd go all out. Very rewarding.

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I like the story about getting the old truck back as well, congrats. I sold my 2008 Duramax to a dealer up in Wisconsin, they had it transported up there. Then one day almost a year later, I browsed their website and it was still for sale, and the kicker? They had reduced the asking price to what they paid me for it. I drove up there to trade in an 2005 Sierra 1500 and got my 08 Duramax back. Idiot me sold it again 2 years later and I regret it to this day. :( My 2012 Duramax SUCKS compared to the 2008 Duramax.

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