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Let's meet up and trade wheels/tires....southern Louisiana.

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So I have a 2017 which came with these wheels:



When my truck had about 983 miles on it I received my aftermarket wheels and tires.

I then took off my stock wheels and tires and left the TPMS sensors inside.


Here's the story: I'm leasing my 2017 and I was told I have to turn the truck back in with the OEM parts, including OEM wheels/tires. But I don't want to give them back brand new wheels and tires after paying for the aftermarket ones.

So I want to help someone save a bit of money and put a bit of money in my pocket by trading yours for mine plus a bit of cash.


If you have the 20" Polished Aluminum wheels (or even the 20" Chrome Clad wheels) on your 2014-2016 truck but have 25,000-40,000 miles on them and they are getting to the point where you are needing to replace them, let's make a deal.

Instead of you ordering new tires at $650 or more plus tax, then having to take your truck to a tire place and have your old tires removed, TPMS sensors removed, have the new tires and sensors placed on your old wheels, have them mounted and balanced at a total cost of $900-1000, here's an alternate idea:


Drive over to my place, we can take your old ones off and put my new one's on and you pay me $700 and I take your old ones. You get new tires and brand new un-damaged shiny wheels to boot. You save $200-300 plus you get new wheels instead of reusing your old ones that may have a bit of damage.


I don't care if your wheels have some scratches, scuffs or even a little curb rash as that's all accepted in the "normal wear and tear" agreement of the lease. But if you have major wheel damage or excessive curb rash or scratches it's a no go.


I tried to upload photos but keeps telling me "this upload failed", so PM me if you are interested I'll email a bunch more pictures of my wheels if you'd like and we can discuss the other details then too.



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Nobody interested in swapping their beat up tires and wheels and a few hundred bucks ($500) for basically brand new ones?

I don't want to give my basically brand new ones back to the dealer at the end of the lease only for them to benefit from it.

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