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Barnes16 2016 Silverado

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Here's my Slate Gray Metallic 2016 Silverado LT.

I've put Bilstein 5100s on the front at the highest setting and currently have the stock 17s with LT275/70/17 Mickey Thompson Deegan 38.


Next I'm looking to get the front windows and windshield tinted. Add the Bilstein 5100s to the rear and maybe a 1" taller block (depending on how much sag there is with towing a camper).


Anyone tinted the windshield? My buddy did his jeep grand Cherokee at 70% and said it wasn't bad at night and no trouble from the police. It's just too hot in South Florida to not do it.


I also like the stock wheels but I'm thinking of painting them a dark gray/gunmetal type color with a satin finish. Anyone painted the stock wheels?


I did a little photoshop of the wheels and tint. Also added a color match bumper but I doubt I'll get my wife to sign off on that. Top pic is when I bought it, middle is the current state and he last is where I want it.





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Nice I like that color!


Im with you on the wheels, I like the OEM ones and don't really want to swap, no need to. Just wish they were darker. Also curious about painting them.

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