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Hi, we just got ours last night. Wondering if you can buy fender/wheel well protection for the rim of the fender/well? I have this on my GMC Sierra.


Thanks to all in advance for any response.

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Thanks for your response OJ, I'm surprised they let you out LOL. Seriously though, yes that is what we would like, but black, not chrome to go around the edge of the wheel well. What would this be called and can I buy this at Autozone and install myself?


FYI, I am not at all mechanically inclined. I can build a state of the art website but I suck messing with cars.


Thank you

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    • By Badge767
      Quick question for those of you who've had your K2XX Silverado for a bit:
      I've only had my 2017 LT Z71 for a couple of months, but it only had 788 miles when I purchased in December 2018. The truck is still clean as a whistle, so I'm just posting this question as a pro-active measure.
      I noticed the inner fender well lining appears to be a black material, almost reminiscent of indoor/outdoor carpet.
      I like the look of the material, and I assume Chevy used that texture to help mitigate road noise in the cab.
      However, it does cause me to wonder if the material has a tendency to hold moisture more so than, say a spray-on rubber based coating. I've noticed after washing my truck, the material does seem to dry pretty effectively, but hard to tell what moisture may be trapped behind it or around the edges.
      Has anybody seen any indication of rusting behind or around the fender well lining material?
      Thanks in advance for sending any information my way!
    • By pavementprincess17
      Hi everyone, I'm new here, apologize for any posting errors in advance. 
      Just picked up a CPO 2017 Sierra 1500 earlier this month after trading in my 2013 1500. Paint is in very good condition as it only had 12,xxx miles when I bought it so looks like the miles were gentle. I want t keep it looking as good as it does now and I keep seeing posts on social media about ceramic coatings. I really know nothing about it so wanted to hear from those who do. How long does it last, how do you wash it once applied, about what should I pay for a service like that, does the surface feel like there is wax on it or does it feel like bare metal? 
      Any other info would be greatly appreciated!
    • By colonel00
      Well, what I had feared since the day I had my Xpel paint protection film applied happened this morning.  Going down the highway, a truck kicks up a rock.  It happens in slow motion as there is nothing I can do but watch it careen towards me.  Thud, it hits the front of the truck.  Whew, I was afraid it was going to hit the windshield but thankfully I have Xpel on the entire front of the truck so it will be protected.....nope.
      A you can see below, the rock caught the edge of the film and the film just tore away.  Mostly I'm truly frustrated because of how the film doesn't wrap the edges of the panels and even comes up short of the edges a bit.  I questioned this after the install and my installer said that was the way it was because that's how the patterns are cut.  I just knew this would happen at some point and sure enough....boom.  I'm also not too happy with how easily the film tore.  I get that it's a think film but it shouldn't peel back like that.  
      I know, I'm ranting and complaining and blah blah but after dropping $1K to try to protect the tricoat paint, this does irk me a bit.  I know many folks out there have used Xpel and it's had held up fine but I just wanted to vent a little and give people something to consider.  I guess I'll have to contact the installer or Xpel direct to see what they will do.

    • By MRob
      I know where to find these retail and on eBay.  I've had good fortune here with the guys in 
      buying things used.
      I'm looking for Color matched, Silver Ice Metallic Pocketed Fender flares.  
      These things are NOT inexpensive that's for sure.   Anyone looking to unload a set at all??
      I have a set of like new (take offs) chrome running boards to trade....
    • By Dr Awesome
      I purchased some door edge protection for my 2018 GMC Sierra (Crew / Std Box / 5.3 / 8 Speed) and I was very impressed!  I think the finish looks OEM and installation was very easy, only took about 45 minutes (taking my time).  I'm hoping they stay on, time will tell, but first impressions are that they look great.  I got them on amazon and came as a 32' roll, enough to do the 1 edge of the front doors and 3 edges of the rear doors since there are no corners to break it up.  Just wanted to throw it out there so others could do it too, but I think only black would look good.  The finish is similar to the door seals, so it blends right in while adding protection!
      Amazon Link

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