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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and looking any suggestions on a problem that has me stumped with my avalanche. It has a hard start condition. It seems to be related to the outside temperature. I didn't do it all winter and started back as the weather warmed up. It starts fine if the engine is completely cold and it starts fine if you crank it within about 15-20 minutes after cutting it off. If I cut the truck off and let it sit for two hours and try to start it it cranks for several seconds before starting. it's a 2004 with the 5.3. It doesn't have an inline fuel filter or a fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail. Everything is in the tank module, which I have replace with a new AC Delco unit. I have also replaced the evap vent and purge solenoid. I'm going to try a crank sensor just for the heck of it tomorrow. It doesn't set any codes. Does this sound familiar to anyone. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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Start simple battery alternator starter than move to fuel system leaking down. Do a fuel leak down test after testing all the basics with the ignition system.


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I haven't taken the starter and had it tested but it spins fast and sounds normal. The battery is only a couple months old and the alternator makes 13.8v

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Try turning on the key, BUT do not attempt to start. Wait 5 seconds, turn key off. Then try to start normally and report your results.

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My 2002 starts like a champ. I just replaced my starter but it still caught when it cranked.


I'd say it might be fuel injection pressure or spark related to air flow sensor. The air mass flow sensor might be off when it warms and is mixing air and gas too lean and causing ignition delays ?



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Alright, I fought with this truck all day yesterday. I put a crank sensor it it first and as I expected it didn't help. I checked spark, fuel pressure and everything else I could think of. Everything checked out fine. I noticed when I could duplicate the hard start I would smell raw gas for a sec right when it started. So I got the truck to spin over for about 4-5 seconds and stopped right before the engine fired. I pulled all the spark plugs and when I got to #5 the plug looked damp and smelled strongly of gas! I finally got a clue. The injector seemed to be leaking down. I called around and found an injector locally. I installed it it starts up perfectly every time.

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      I have a 2017 Chevy Silverado 4x4 5.3l V8 with the 8 speed transmission. I already flushed out my transmission and filled it back up with the Mobil 1™ Synthetic LV ATF HP blue label. The question is, do i also use the HP fluid for my transfer case? Or do i need to use just a standard ATF fluid instead. I cant seem to find a straight answer on this. The owners manual states to use DEXRON®-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid. Would using regular ATF in the transfer case and HP ATF in the transmission cause any issues? Thanks in advance!
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      Hello im new to this forum. I have been searching for silimar sounds my truck is making on here but i can't seem to find one. So my truck is a 2020 silverado rst 5.3 8 speed crewcab 4x4 and has 1,600 miles. It makes this clicking sound similar to a clock. I went underneath the truck to listen for the sound and it appears to be coming from transmission area. Any thoughts of what the sound is? Ill attach a sound clip. Its a cold start but it also does it when its warmed up.
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      Hi all,
      Long time lurker who finally created an account. Y'all have been a wealth of info and I really appreciate it.
      I have a 2001 Tahoe LT Autoride with the 5.3. My father-in-law bought it new and I bought it from him when he upgraded to a 2019 Tahoe Premier. I've been going through the Tahoe since buying it from him. It was always maintained at the dealer and serviced at every interval.
      The issue I am having now is a hard start when cold. It takes at least 2 cranks to get it started in the morning or after a long period of not driving.
      I have searched the forums and found some help but no threads with results. Here is what I have done so far to remedy the issue.
      -New plugs
      -New fuel filter
      -New fuel pump
      -Techron in tank (one bottle so far)
      I have a new fuel pressure regulator coming and will swap that next but the telltale signs of failure aren't there (gas leaking through vacuum line).
      The truck had one other issue that has since been fixed. It would overheat (on the gauge) on hot days mainly at low speeds and belch coolant when turned off. I ended up replacing the fan clutch, coolant temp sensor, expansion tank, thermostat, and expansion tank cap.
      Any advice would be hugely appreciated!
      Thanks all!
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