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Jerk at stop/go & rough idle

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#PIP5504 address torque converter shudder and a fish bite or chugged feeling. For 2016-2017 L83 MYC



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Oh okay - I misunderstood. I thought you meant it applied to the 2014/2015's with the 6-speed :happysad: .

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I purchased a new 2017 GMC Sierra SLT in late July. I started experiencing the same ‘jerking’ problem within a couple of weeks. I had two service visits not correct the problem. I returned last week (6500 miles in) to give it one more shot. They called and told me the techs could not replicate the issue. I offered to take him for a spin. Long story short, it did it one time at the very end of the drive. We kinda figured out it would happen more frequently as the truck warmed up or drove for a longer distance.  The tech offered to take my truck home for the evening (insured by the dealer) so he could better diagnose the issue.  

Picked my truck up two days later.  According to my service person, it was a problem with the ‘Shift Adaptives.’  All along they had been looking at the transmission.  Not sure if these are a component of the trans, but the problem seems to have been resolved.  Been driving it about 5 days now without any reoccurrence. I was ready to do a trade or blow it up...  Things seem good now.  I’m attaching a picture of my service agreement with the details of the work performed.  Hopefully this helps someone else.  Good luck!


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checkout my thread. I have more miles on my truck than most.


long story short there is no fix for this, the new trucks have shitty transmission tuning. mine got so bad it ended up screwing up other stuff and I had to have my transmission replaced (after they replaced pretty much every part inside and it wasn't fixed.)


my trans went out at ~93k miles. I never towed heavy just a lot of highway driving for work. I think they tell you its normal  or you dont have the most up to date tune because they honestly have no idea whats wrong and hope that your truck goes out of warranty before any expensive repair is needed. my truck has 115k now, im going to start saving for a transmission

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I’ve been having what I thought was leaf springs rubbing and popping. My truck has always done the jerking sometimes when coming to a stop. It now has 111,000 miles plus on it. After searching for the sound of the screeching I decided to pull the drive shaft off and pour dexron vl fluid in the slip yoke. The jerking has stopped and so has the rear end noise. (The transmission jerking is a long going issues with the older model gm trucks…search gm drive line clunk). 

Basically the slip yoke needed lubricating. The older models you could just grease them but I was scared to with the newer transmissions. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed. 


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