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Kingstrider's 1972 Cheyenne Super SWB

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I have never posted this here but wanted to share a few photos of my 1972 Cheyenne Super short bed. I bought this truck a few years ago after selling an old Mustang from a guy in another state. It has had a few mods over the years but is a highly optioned truck that originally came with the 402 big block engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes and tilt steering wheel.


Unfortunately the original engine is gone but in its place is a 400 small block with long tube headers and Flowmaster dual exhaust. The original color code is 546 (Tangier orange with a white roof) but has been painted in the Deluxe code 594 two-tone color scheme. I suspect the tailgate was replaced as the white stripe does not extend onto that area and it is missing the chrome molding. The truck has also been lowered with what looks like a 2/4 drop kit.


Since buying the truck I have added new wheels and tires, valve covers, plug wires/looms, bluetooth radio with speakers, new chrome a/c vents, aftermarket oil pressure and water temp gauges, new locks, fuel line, refinished the original emblems, repaired the inner front fenders, rewired the entire front end, added an electric fan, swapped in an original tachometer cluster and some other stuff. At this point the only real rust in the truck is in the bed which is covered with a plastic liner.


My plans are to replace the bed floor and paint the tailgate, add some bigger wheels and install a 4/6 drop kit. I'm also debating restoring the original A/C system or going with an aftermarket setup instead. Eventually I'm going to go back to a big block or do a LS swap but haven't decided yet. At this point the biggest limitation is money but we all know how that goes.

For fun I have also included a few photos next to my daily driver, a 2014 Silverado LTZ 4x4. The '14 has a 3" lift kit so completely dwarfs the little short bed and is several feet longer. My wife likes the newer truck but refuses to ride in the old one because the A/C doesn't work and the exhaust smells. It is mostly a garage queen anyway so the only thing it ever hauls is ass lol.














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Cool shortbed / 2-door..

Definately keep or restore the AC, great for cruzing in the summer...



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What a good looking classic!

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