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We have a 2015 Chevy High country. We have 65,000 miles on the truck at the moment. The front drivers side wheel hub assembly went out 2 weeks ago, the AC compressor fan sheered off 5 days ago, the engine has a ticking noise and the transmission has shifting problems. The tranny problem has been "fixed" 3 times. We are still having issues obviously.  Wondering if any others have had any or all.of these problems. 

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Nice troll post, here is a clue, if you want to sound somewhat believable try not creating a screen name that sounds like you are a female cleansing part...


Sucks you had these "problems" if they exist, what are you trying to accomplish with this post? Try searching if you are wanting to fix them your self. Lets break it down.


First and foremost, parts break, it happens to every brand of anything ever assembled or made. The hub, can be any number of reasons from hitting something extremely hard, to large tires and heavy offset rims or spacers, can have a seal failed if off road and dirt got in to it. 65k is abnormal but not unheard of in a truck depending on how it is used. Get it fixed and grow up.


The AC did the compressor fail or the fan, they are two different parts. Again it can happen, you had some bad luck or something wore it out (most likely just a rogue failure).


Transmission shifting wonky had been for all brands, nothing wrong with it as they shift earlier for mpg. Some people it annoys more than others. Others think something is wrong when there in fact isn't (it won't break or fail just doesn't act how they think it should), could be any number of things. What is wrong with yours other than just "shifting problems"? 


Engine ticking is most likely direct injection, that is how it works. Could be something else and it would be a ton more noticeable such as a lifter but with all your vague responses without a description for all your "problems listed above" all we can do is guess you are trolling with some common problems people have had and we have to assume that is what is going on with yours. Either way lets try adulting and not making childish screen names and crying and posting on forums when something minor happens or doesn't go our way, can we do that?


Best of luck getting it fixed if there really is an issue. Maybe try a much more reliable Dodge or Ford truck? :lol:



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