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Why doesn't the 2015 Terrain SLT come with the cross bars that slide back and forth on the rails like every other normal roof rack? Can these be purchased after market, or is this designed this way for a reason?

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I went ahead and called around and found out, low and behold, cross rails do not come standard on the SLT, but the side rails do. What is the point of that? So stupid. 


Anyway. I found these on Amazon because the dealership accessories only has a set for $195. This aftermarket package is $78, anybody have any experience with this or any other cheaper option that is simple to install?


Fedar Roof Rack Cross Bar Cargo Carrier for 2010-2017 Chevy Equinox/GMC Terrain


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I had the same question when my wife got her 2015 terrain. I'm guessing they are not used by everyone and having them installed adds wind resistance -> lower mpgs. Its easy to add the rails if you want. I was close to buying them off Amazon myself.


I have not purchased any yet, instead I bought a hitch hauler for when we want to load more than her rig can fit inside. I used that this summer and I was pretty happy with it, so I probly won't be going the roof rack route anytime soon.


I did hear that people were complaining about a whistling noise when they put the bars in, pay attention, there is a "front" so install it the right way.

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We're kind of in the middle right now. We bought the Terrain this past spring with the idea that it would be a dramatic change from prior ownership of a Honda Accord. Our kids play ice hockey and we travel a lot, we needed the extra room and space and found this isn't providing what we were looking for. So, the Acadia is next, probably this spring. In the mean-time the only way we'll get the extra space for both of their equipment bags and luggage is by taking advantage of the roof rack. We have no choice since they both play every weekend we've found with both bags in the back you can't see out the rear window because they're piled on top of each other. We travel to Columbus, Ohio and Buffalo New York in the next couple months for tournaments and the rack is going to be absolutely necessary. 

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well get those bars off amazon, and have fun strapping those gigantic hockey bags to the roof! At least it will smell better inside the car finally.




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LOL, they're not that big but they certainly do smell awful, ha ha. 

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      Hey everyone! Has anyone found a company that currently offers a Roof Rack system (Not Universal or Cross Bar Clamp i.e. Rhino Rack) for the new 2019 Silverado? 
      Added a picture of what I'm talking about. There are a lot for Colorado's models but nothing for Silverado! Ugh
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      The rattle we had was coming from headliner behind the passenger seat, and was typically worse at medium to highway speeds. It is noticeably louder with the sunroof cover slid back(open). My fix: Open rear passenger door and stand on running board to access the roof rack. If you wiggle the crossbar of the rack it has the slightest of slack, but just enough to make a clanking sound. I wedged some thin flexible magnet pieces(no the rack isn't magnetic, just what I had handy) in between the crossbar and the roof brace in front of and back of the bar(see pic). Viola...no noise. If these come loose I will come up with something more robust(maybe some two part epoxy).
      I'm not familiar with the inside of the 2015-2019 Suburban, Tahoe, and regular Yukon's, but the ultra quiet cabin of the Denali amplifies ANY little rattle or strange noise. I was used to the road noise and rattles of my 2007 Suburban(288K). They went kind of hand in hand. This one will take some getting used to. I know, suck it up buttercup.
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      Hi guys,
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      Do I need to remove the headliner to do this?
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      Just seeing if anyone might have a set of roof racks for their crew cab that they don't want or use anymore.
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      On my '15 Reg. Cab there are two Black longitudinal strips. I m looking to place a rack on it. Do those strips cover some type of mount? Otherwise, I can't get the GM site to open right now. Maybe they have one? Thanks
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