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Top Truck Colors - What's Your Guess?


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top truck colors.jpg

John Goreham

Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com


Cars.com and the team at Performance Truck Products have created a nice simple infographic that explains the most and least popular truck colors. As you can see, the fleet colors of silver and white make up more than half of all trucks. 


“While there's a lot of data about the most popular paint colors for vehicles overall, there's not a lot of data out there for common truck paint colors,” says Nate Dwyer, director at Performance Truck Products. "We decided to fix that, and we found that business-friendly truck paint colors dominated the rankings.”


Do we have any "one-percenters" out there rocking the green?

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I have one of the "Deep Forest Green Metallic" trucks, as barry G saw.  I get asked SO MUCH about that truck and how people can get one.  Sorry folks, it was a limited 1 year run ('15) on the 1500, and 1 year run on the 2500/3500 ('16).  Seems to me if people were allowed to see one of these in person before they took the survey, the "Green" would be much much higher.

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I have a green 2500HD.  I waited for a new truck for almost 12 years for Chevy released a 2500HD in green again so I could buy it.  Then I had to chase them all over because by the time I found one, it was sold before I could get to it.  Here in Central Texas they had trouble keeping them on the lot.  I ended up having to travel 168 miles one-way to buy my truck.  I actually got a call from a salesman saying that two truck loads of pickups were being delivered.  I took off of work and went down.  The two green trucks and one red truck were already promised.  Almost all of the remaining were white and black.  I don't think that white, silver and black are the most popular colors; I would say that they are the most available colors. 

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3 hours ago, okfoz said:

Interestingly Black & White are not technically "colors."   White is reflection of All color, Black is a reflection of no color.  Therefore the most popular "Color" is Gray/Silver"

Ok, then technically, my tricoat pearl white has the silver in it, so I win?  :rolleyes:

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