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I have had the Elite Engineering E2 Catch Can on my 2014 Silverado for about 8100 miles and just performed my first oil change since it was installed. (Don't worry, I use Mobil 1 Annual Protection). Shocked is an understatement of my reaction when I discovered how much oil my truck is burning. After seeing how much was captured by the Catch Can, I am very glad I decided to install one. I have run a catch can in my Camaro for several years and it captured far less oil between changes so I was very surprised with how much was captured this time. After doing this first check - up on the catch can, I now plan to check the can much more frequently (every 2,000 miles or so) to see how much is being captured. I will be uploading some additional follow up reviews on the catch can and how it is performing. Overall, I am completely satisfied with my purchase and will be purchasing from Elite Engineering again. Note that this engine is shared among many GM platforms such as the Silverado, Sierra, Yukon, Suburban, Tahoe, Express, etc.



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31 minutes ago, newdude said:

1/4 of a quart of oil (no foam or other residue) in 8000 miles?  That's nothing...

I was mainly surprised because my camaro catch can captured so much less. 


58 minutes ago, B R A D said:

That's freaking insane, I was only expecting to see some light residue.

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It was a lot more than I was expecting. Definitely very happy with my purchase!

50 minutes ago, Ozer said:

I did the same, after about 300 miles i had some oil already in there. Def wasnt expecting it to be that much in such short time. Great product.

Definitely a great product. I will always run catch cans in all of my vehicles. 

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24 minutes ago, snowbrdd said:

Except if you read through the catch can thread its mostly water with a mix of all the byproduct. It isn't actually straight up oil. You can start checking your dipstick and see how it goes.

Good point! I have been checking the dip stick and the truck definitely burns oil (I mention this in the beginning of the video). There was a bit of sludge in the bottom of the can where the oil had clearly mixed a bit with some other things from that mixture you describe but what I poured out should be straight oil. The rest stuck to the bottom and had to be wiped out. 

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