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SURPRISE: 2019 Silverado unveiled in Texas during 100 year celebration


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Maybe someone will come up with a good delete package for the Chevrolet on the back tailgate.   We are not getting paid to advertise for them, so we don't need to have that crap on there.

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 Those black round things on all four corners look like wheels & tires that are found on Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan trucks. Damn, GM must have copied them too.... :sigh:


There is a little more info at http://www.chevrolet.com/upcoming-vehicles/all-new-2019-silverado


I think the truck looks pretty cool & impressed that GM rolled out an off road version first. While I have zero interest in off road set ups, a good many do & this is a departure from how GM did things in the past. :thumbs:

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6 hours ago, Zipsort said:

I don't like it at all.  I had the same thoughts as everyone.  Front end looks like a ford, and the back like a toyota.  I do not like.

Same here. Although the tail lights look like heavy duty fords. Tailgate like a tundra, and side view like a tundra. Dual exhausts like a dodge. I'm not digging the look at all.

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3 hours ago, Colossus said:

Maybe someone will come up with a good delete package for the Chevrolet on the back tailgate.   We are not getting paid to advertise for them, so we don't need to have that crap on there.

LOL don’t worry the bow tie on the back of your current truck or the Nike logo on your shoes or the north face on your jacket or the Starbucks on your coffe will do plenty of advertising anyway.

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Usually I'm the guy that doesn't like a vehicle when it's first introduced.  First impressions of this truck I like though.  I realize this is a lifted version and the standard truck may be different, but some very positive things I see.  


Looks like the chin spoiler has been shortened and approach angles will be much improved over the current truck.  The door mounted mirrors, while different, will provide much better visibility and cut down on the big old blind spot trucks have had in the A-pillar area.  Even though it's blacked out, look like the bumper is steel all the way across.  No plastic bumper end caps ala GMT800.  Also, even though I'm a Chevy purist, square wheel wells and all, this particular truck will probably allow the mod happy folks the chance to go even bigger with their tire wheel sizes; not my thing, but if it moves the metal GM is happy to oblige. 


I'm doing my darndest to see this truck in LTZ trim with chrome, but I think it was smart to introduce it before Christmas, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. there.....in TEXAS.  Also think it was smart, and this is a middle aged man saying this, for it's first showing to be in the youth inspired off road trim, blacked out, lifted, etc.  (Wait, did I just complement Chevy marketing?)  They'll sell bunches of these things.


Can't wait to hear about all the goodies under the skin and, for that matter, a little more info on the skin itself.  What's steel?  What's aluminum? 

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I thought the squarish wheel wells on the current  models were to help increase gas mileage - that's what I was told anyway. Guess they didn't help too much as they're gone in the pictures - well not entirely, as the pictures show a kind of combo of square and of round design.

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I do like the back (tailgate, exhaust, and rear cab light) but don’t like the curved body lines on side or mirror on door, or front end (looks like it was in a wreck and a huge gap where front fender/grill/bumper meet) but this may be an extra wide fender edition since it is a trail boss. And I still need to see one in person and hope the GMC looks better. 


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Hard to tell what the LT/LTZ trims will look like from this picture.

But now we know what it looks like overall.

I suspect with chrome or color matched grills, I will like it more.

I don't like the Trail Boss trim, but I don't like the current trucks with blacked out trim either.


It will grow on me.  2014's did as well.

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  • Zane featured this topic

Looks mean! I liked it right away and it looks to sit a little higher than the last few platforms. Which is a great move in my book.. And if it doesn't sit any higher it looks to have more fender clearance for bigger meats. I see the ford styling cues but it doesn't bother me.

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Every new Gm redesign since 2003 I have alway disliked the chevy for awhile. It usually takes year or 2 to grow on me.  On the other hand I have always liked the GMC from the start.  I just hope they offer the off-road version on the GMC with SLT trim. 

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