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New Trailering App and Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System

January 23, 2019    The all-new 2019 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 (Fig. 1) offer available trailering systems that feature a trailering app, trailer tire pressure monitors, and HD cameras.

The trailering app that is part of Chevrolet’s Advanced Trailering System and GMC’s ProGrade Trailering System (RPO ZL6) includes a Pre-Departure Checklist, Maintenance Reminders, Trailer Light Test, Trailer Electrical Diagnostics, and Trailer Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring. As part of the Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System (RPO PTT), four additional tire pressure monitor sensors are included in the Loose Ship Components package for installation on up to four trailer tires.

When on the road, additional assistance is provided by the available side-view cameras and trailer-mounted HD camera. (Fig. 2)


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Voice Recognition Prompts May Change as System is Used


January 23, 2019

The Infotainment 3 systems (RPOs IOS, IOT, IOU), available on a number of 2017-2019 GM models has a voice recognition feature that offers varying responses as the system is used by the driver, based on the settings selected.

Owners who are not familiar with how the system responds to voice recognition requests may mistake normal operation as a system error or malfunction. It’s important to understand proper system operation while diagnosing the infotainment system.

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Wheel Studs with Yellow Coating

The new 2019 Silverado and Sierra use wheels studs that have a yellow coating on the lower portion of the stud threads to prevent corrosion of the threads. (Fig. 14) The yellow coating is not Loctite or any type of anti-seize coating for the wheel studs.


TIP: Never apply Loctite or any other product to any wheel stud threads. Never grease or lubricate the wheel nuts, studs or mounting surfaces. Wheel nuts, studs and mounting surfaces must be clean and dry.

The yellow coating is designed to prevent corrosion on the portion of the thread that is not covered by the wheel nut. (Fig. 15) The coating should not be removed or supplemented with any other product. If the coating comes off the wheel stud, it is not necessary to replace the stud.

Always clean the threads of the wheel studs before installing the tire and wheel assembly. If the threads of the wheel stud are damaged, replace the wheel stud.

The 2019 Silverado and Sierra are the first models/model year to receive the coating on the wheel studs. The coating will be applied on additional models in future model years.


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