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MSD Distributor Rotor Removal

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I am trying to remove the rotor on my MSD distributor that is secured with two phillips head screws. Now I have no idea how long the distributor has been attached to the block since the prior owner died before I purchased the truck.  I have had the truck for 2 years. 


No matter what I do, I cannot turn the screws to get them to move.  I am assuming that some serious rust is involved.  I did spray on some lubricant a 2nd time last night (WD-40).  After taking the distributor cap off, I did see that there is some rust there.


I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced anything like this before.  If so, were several rounds of applying lubricant the answer?

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Id probably use a oxy-acetylene torch with a brazing tip to get right on the screw.  Dont heat it too much and dont melt anything.  

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That does make it nice when the distributor is in the back and something goes wrong. I've used " Deep Creep" and had pretty good luck with removing rusted bolts and nuts before. Keep soaking it and give it time to soak in. I imagine it would be rough to try to get back there with an impact driver. I would also use the best and highest quality screwdriver that I could find.  If the rust is really bad and you have plenty of time, you could put a small glob of grease on the bottom of each screw and let it sit for several days or weeks and that should soak through and help. I did that trick on my tractor to free up the stuck linkage coming out of the block for the governor.   Good Luck!

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