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Bought a 1972 C10 long box in March of 2017. Truck was a 1 owner truck from Montana where I live now. Had no motor or transmission. Got the truck for $500. I have always loved the 67-72 C10's and  thanks to some influence from my wife I went on a road trip and got the truck. Since I have owned it I have converted the long box to a short box, adding power steering, put in an LS 5.3 out of a 2004 Suburban, 4L60E tranny, new inner rockers, outer rockers, cab corners, floor boards, inner fenders, outside fenders, new box, new front and rear bumpers, Dakota Digital VHX guages, new tilt steering column, modified leather seat out of a 2006 Ford F150 truck (I know it has a ford part in it lol :( ) rewired whole truck, new factory rally wheels and tires, all LED lights....Im sure theres a ton of stuff I'm missing. Now I'm on to getting truck ready for paint. This truck puts the biggest smile on my face when I drive it. I love the new LS motor, its no race truck but it definitely gets up and goes when I step on it. Thanks to this forum and everyone on it for motivating me to do my own build. This will not be a show truck by any means and still has a long way to go. The body work has been the hardest part and Ive learned a lot as I go. Just thought Id share some pics with you all. Thanks for looking.






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Looking good to me. I would like to come across an AC truck for $500 also. I think an LS with an auto and AC would make a great cruiser. IMO, there is nothing wrong with the color it is now. Keep up the good work.


I've got a 70 vette that I did an LS conversion on about 10 years ago. I did a 5 speed and added power steering also. Makes for a great cruiser. 

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Thanks Eddie 70. I agree that an A/C cab would be perfect. I do HVAC for a living so I think adding A/C will be my next project.


I'm Wrapping up my Dakota gauges this weekend. More pics to come of that when its done. 

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In hindsight the worst thing about my LS swap is that I took the factory harness and stripped the parts out that I knew I didn't want. I pulled the smog stuff out AND the AC. I wish I would have left the wires and the pins for the AC intact and just tapped them back out of the way.

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    • By Blackwidow_Chevy
      What’s parts will be needed that ive might have missed for the swap or has anybody done this type of swap? I will be getting a LS 427 1500 to 2000 hp deciding witch package to go with and it comes with full engine and transmission everything from wires efi kit, wires. The Whole works from motor to transmission I will just be adding headers, exhaust line , upgraded drive shaft, rear diff. The thing I’m stuck on is this so called swap in and out plug and play since am going from LT to LS 427 anybody have experience on what I might need for it to fitment issues ? New transmission crossmembers ? Motor mounts I just want to make sure there’s is nothing missing or I might be over looking prior purchasing. I understand if it was old to new but am here going from LT to LS on the truck project truck I must say. Anything helps those who have experience. Thank you 
    • By Raszaron
      Hello all,
      I go by Dirk, I currently live in Nebraska... yeah, another Nebraska guy. After 27 years, I am back into Chevrolets, and I have purchase two Chevy trucks this year, only they are 50 years apart!
      Just bought my 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HIgh Country (5.3/RWD) and;
      In March I purchased a 1964 Chevrolet C20 Fleetside which I currently have stripped down to the frame in my garage with a crap ton of boxes of parts to start my build on it!
      Look forward to learning a lot from this forum, and maybe meeting some of you someday!
    • By XwalkerX
      just joined the forum so i guess im the new guy with an old truck...

      tis the season to be wasting money...

      72 c10

      plan is to ditch the 18's and go with some 17" torque thrusts with tall tires out back and then maybe re-address the ride height.
      currently 5" in the rear and 4.5" up front.

      it had slightly sloppy steering so I changed out the steering intermediate shaft for a nice u-joint version.

      the doofus before me "changed the rear brakes" but never adjusted the shoes properly so the wheel cylinders started to seep and ruined the shoes on one side so im going to replace both wheel cylinders and shoes.

      so once I cracked open the rear end I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the open diff was completely smoked.
      I don't even know how it held together on my trip home. kinda scary.
      sucks that I had to shell out cash I wasn't expecting to but at least its only the diff and not the entire housing etc etc.
      I decided to go with an Eaton limited slip that is currently in route.
      im going to do the diff swap, diff seals, axle seals, wheel cylinders and brake shoes all at once.
      hope to have it buttoned up by the weekend.

      I also decided to pep up the gear ratio from 3.08 to 3.42.
      it will hurt fuel mileage slightly but once I ditch the 18" wheels (current tire diameter is 28.5") and go to a 17" setup (which will have a tire diameter of 30") it shouldn't be too bad.

      so while im waiting for the rear end parts to arrive im going to continue to pick away at the list of little stuff I want to do.
      *continuing with the long winded post*

      I took off the old 13" billet steering wheel it came with and bought another 15" comfort grip steering wheel I noticed that the previous owner for some reason ditched the column spring and signal cancel cam/horn conductor.
      so I sourced both of these little jerks

      in addition to that he wired the horn to a separate switch under the dash...!??!?!?!
      so ill wire it back up the column.

      I also ordered a few firewall boots that were missing and letting TONS of cold air into the cab
      one for the brake rod

      and one for the steering column

      there is also a hole in the dash where the cigarette lighter went and it bothered me so I ordered one of those too...

      ill *hopefully* get around to changing out the passenger window regulator that gets really difficult halfway down.
      I already bought the part just need to find the time. I keep putting it off since its not that important...

      these CPP sway bars came in from summit over the weekend so ill try and get those on too.

      Ill prob be "sick" on Friday and just take the day to button it up.
      I may even cruise over to the truck shop and pick up some new cab cushions (the current ones look like they needed replacing in 1993) along with a repop correct style 10" rear view mirror and wiper washer motor.

      once I get all this stuff sorted out ill start to plan out the next phase...
      the big question...n/a or boost

    • By sundayslacker
      Here are a few photos of my 1966 GMC project. I've owned this truck since 1992. This was my first truck. I have a full buidl website www.1966GMC.com

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