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Simple Fix for Leaking Extang Trifold Bed Cover

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Not sure where this should go but I own 2014 silverado crew cab. I purchased a Extang trifold hard cover when new. It Started leaking water into the truck bed after a few months and the company sent me a new cover under warranty. The new cover, that was supposed to be an upgrade leaked more than the original and there's no further warranty. Last time I washed the truck it was a cold day and I noticed all the water that was puddled on the top panels was slowly disappearing, figured it can't be evaporating so looked inside underneat the panels and could plainly see the water dripping across the panels (side to side)  where they are  pressed into the retangular framing.So obvious the water was leaking from the top panels into and around the frame that holds them.  I bought a small tube of black silicone sealer and put a small bead of silicone around each panel where the dimpled surface goes into the frame that supports it and pressed it in as much as I could by wiping along the edge with my finger; I did this two times and was amazed at how much silicone went under those edges. At any rate, it stopped the leakage  and you can  hardly see the silicone. If I can post a picture, I will do so. Originally I thought it was the two hinge joints that were leaking but that was not the case. Hope this helps someone!


Don C.



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Good to know!

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