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2019 RAM Has A Massive 12-Inch Uconnect System


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Zane Merva

Executive Editor / Publisher, GM-Trucks.com



Earlier today, Fiat-Chrysler introduced their new 2019 RAM 1500 Pickup. We have more on the all new RAM here,  but one thing caught our eye and we wanted to talk about it right away. The 2019 RAM's optional 12-inch Uconnect infotainment system. 


We were all happy that Chevrolet upgraded the interface of the MyLink System for the 2019 Silverado. That said, the brand didn't upgrade the screen or make it any larger than the last generation. To be fair, 8-inches is right in line with the market as it sits today. Ford certainly didn't offer anything larger, so Chevy apparently didn't see the need to go bigger or better with MyLink for the next generation Silverado. That might not have been a great idea. 


The new (and highly optional) UConnect seems like it was plucked straight from a Tesla. In comparison, 2019 MyLink looks like it was pulled from a Step 2 Playset Manual. Take a look for yourself. 


2019 RAM 12-inch UConnect vs 2019 Silverado MyLink

RM019_076FNj0s25rvge7f24jr8b4fieh9462__mid.jpg 2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-zoomed.jpg



The 2019 Ram 1500 features the first application of Uconnect 4C NAV on a 12-inch fully configurable touchscreen, tailor-made for various Ram models. The touchscreen can house one application, such as the navigation map, across the whole 12-inch screen, or can be divided in half, operating two different applications at once. An all-new toggle switch bank lies below the touchscreen giving physical control of specific features. An active noise cancellation system on 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 equipped models and acoustic glass reduce ambient sounds down to a low 67.1 db – the quietest Ram 1500 ever. - FCA Press Release


2019 RAM Uconnect 12 inch vs 8.4 inch 

RM019_146FNi4g0fp87vfhmahq2a70aia9fbe__mid.jpg RM019_069FNknq0hlrn4o403ndsjlqlp9hgpj__mid.jpg



2019 RAM Uconnect 12 inch Interface


Of course, we've yet to actually use this new 12-inch system but we've been impressed with RAM's smaller 8.4-inch screen and interface for some time. What do you think? Does the 2019 Silverado have enough with an 8-inch MyLink System or does the 2019 RAM blow it away?


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Not really sold on the screen being the end-all for controlling normal stuff. Especially since I feel like most of what they did was just allow 2 screens at the same time from the 8.4 unit. I prefer to have hard controls for the HVAC personally. The regular 8.4 is a good unit. I have it in the Jeep and am mostly happy with it.

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I need buttons and knobs clearly marked easy to use......I am not going through menus to F around with the HVAC.....Yeah...but it looks cool?  Really, turn that crap off I am driving at night I need to see and not be blinded by this god awful thing............

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GM really screwed up with the interior.  They even said on the TFL truck video they saw no need to change much of anything.  I'm very disappointed with how they did a great job on everything then the interior they stopped.  The Ram interior designers really thought of every detail and improved everything even rear seats can be heated, cooled, and recline.  The Chevy layout is fine but it looks cheap and plasticy.  I hope GMC has its own interior that is on par with Ram and Ford.


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38 minutes ago, mookdoc6 said:

I need buttons and knobs clearly marked easy to use......I am not going through menus to F around with the HVAC.....Yeah...but it looks cool?  Really, turn that crap off I am driving at night I need to see and not be blinded by this god awful thing............

The Ram has actual buttons on the sides of the screen for hvac controls and knobs for the radio on the sides also.

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Also, I test drove a Ram last week and I did not care for the turn knob for the gear selector, I really prefer the shifter on the column to anywhere else, it wastes space in the center console and requires too much fine motor skill when it's a turn knob.

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