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I searched for this and couldn't find anything.


But does anybody else have any issues with losing favorites on in their truck?  I have a USB drive in the USB port in the console, with a bunch of music for me and some for my kids.


But every so often, the favorites from the USB drive just disappear.  The USB is still plugged and powered and working, but the favorites disappear.  


It seems to happen more often if I'd been listening to something off the drive, and shut off/restart the truck.  But certainly not every time I shut the truck off.  They never come back on their own, I just have to manually re-add them.


I hate to be one of those guys who say this, but a >$50K vehicle shouldn't have this type of thing happen.  I'm hoping it's operator error and I can fix it.  

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Does anybody else have favorites on their screen from their USB device?

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    • By Ravenkeeper
      So last night, on my way home, my stock stereo worked as advertised, with the exception of not continuing from the playlist that I was listening to on my way to work.
      Started heading to work, this afternoon, stereo booted up right where I had left it last night, EXCEPT it was NOT playing.  Tried pressing the play arrow, skipping back to the beginning/end of the song, thumbed through the media options ("iPod," "My Media Library," back to "Chris' Music" [my thumb drive], etc), still nothing.  It didn't start playing until I switched it to "RADIO," and back to "MEDIA." 
      My other radio related issues have been it randomly rebooting after I had its memory reflashed for backup camera brightness issue, and the rare times where the skips would NOT work (steering wheel NOR on the touch screen on the radio).  Has not randomly rebooted since my last service visit, when I said something to my service rep.  They may have fixed that, while they were doing my oil and all.
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      I've had my truck now going on 3 years this past 4th of july, ive been having issues with my USB port and 110v Plug not working tried using new cable for Apple Car Play and still no luck, i called dealership and was told i am out of warranty (of course) and have to pay $199 just for inspection ......... I Dont Think So. Does anyone else have the same issue and solution? Ive already checked fuses and all look good, might i also add that at times my screen goes DARK while the truck is on as well thanks. 
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      I have a 2016 LS Tahoe patrol rig and the factory center console has been replaced with a Troy Products console. They did not add the USB media hub and I am trying to figure out how to install one so I can plug in my iPhone for music. I ordered a harness and hub off eBay but cannot figure out where to install it or if it is even what I need. There is a USB connector under the passenger seat but I can not find the correct cable/harness to run it to the USB hub. The top connectors are what is installed, the bottom is the harness I bought. Any help on what I actually need would be appreciated.

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