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Good morning all!  I have a question for you who have heated seats and even heated steering wheels.   When I would use my remote start in my 2008 in the winter,  it would automatically turn on my heated seats (as well as the heater/defrost).  My 2016, I went into my settings on the computer and selected that option to turn on when using my remote.  I have tried it several times, and for whatever reason the remote start will not turn on the seats or the steering wheel until I physically put the key in and turn in on...anyone else having this issue?  any fix?


I know there are plenty of comments waiting to say, "man up'  and 'Who cares about heated seats' and things of that nature...to that I say, when its below 25 degrees...its cold...call me a sissy all you want, I paid for these things, I want them to work.


Thanks for the help in advance.

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The seats will not turn on as in the lights on the buttons don't light up? or the seats are ice cold when you get in?  I know when I remote start mine, the lights on the buttons don't light up, but the seats are warmer.  

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i would say every bit of that 5-10 mins...long enough that the truck is blowing hot air from the heater, but the seats are still cold...(and again the steering wheel is too...when i push the steering wheel button, it takes like 15 secs to start to be able to feel it heat up...when i push the seat button, it takes probably 30 secs to a minute to start to feel the heat).


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I'm pretty sure my steering wheel doesn't turn on with remote start.  Quite sure.


My seats . . . It seems like they do, but they don't heat very fast.  If I do 2 cycles of the remote start, and then get in, they seem kinda warm.  I wonder if it just turns on low-gear?  


I'm with you, I wish they'd turn on full blast with the remote start.  I keep getting reminded by coworkers that their Fords do . . . 

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I don't have the heated wheel, yet.  But my seats heat slowly for what ever reason.  Even on high they take several minutes to be noticable.  This morning it was 12 degrees when I left home.  I did not use remote start.  It took at least 5 minutes for the seats to noticably warm up.

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Wheel doesn't get going. Isn't supposed to (but should). Seats should at least start up if you have them set to do so. They seem to need a butt in them to really get going though. Press the wheel button when you first enter the cab ------ by the time you insert key, do seat belt, check mirrors, etc. it will at least be warming up.

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1 hour ago, duquephart said:

Wheel doesn't get going. Isn't supposed to (but should). Seats should at least start up if you have them set to do so. They seem to need a butt in them to really get going though. Press the wheel button when you first enter the cab ------ by the time you insert key, do seat belt, check mirrors, etc. it will at least be warming up.

agreed.. i do the remote start warm up for about 8-10 mins... jump in.. hit the seats and wheel.. wheel has to be turned off, and seats down to 1 by the time i get out of the neighborhood... ..they work well.

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Just to clarify:


Heated steering wheel does NOT come on with remote start.  It only works with the switch on the wheel.  It should only take 20-30 seconds until you start to feel heat.


Heated seats DO come on with remote start but the lights on the control do NOT.  This is how it works and is listed in the manual.  After you start the truck with the key the heated seats shut off so you need to turn them on by using the switch.  They definitely get warm quicker with a butt in the seat so they may not be really warm when you first get in after a remote start but they should warm up fairly quickly after that compared to not using remote start.

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The seat warmers could be (probably are) working properly, but the heat is stuck inside the padding. The surface of the seat will remain cold to the touch until your butt compresses the fabric/padding making the heat transfer go faster from heating elements to butt. Mine operate the same way. I never turn the seats on after I put key in. When its cold enough for me to use the remote start, the seat is plenty warm for me as soon as I sit on it for 30 seconds.

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Thanks guys, most of you are saying the same thing...takes a butt, i.e. weight to smash down the cushion...i can buy off on that...it didnt seem to do that in my -08, but i suppose things change...next time i do a remote start...i'll check this theory...thanks for the input guys!


also, duquephart, i'm not sure my vented seats turn on with remote start in the heat...but i will have to double check that in a couple months...

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