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HOW TO: Replace your 2014+ Door Lock Actuator

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The driver's side door in my 2014 Sierra decided that it no longer wanted to be friendly. When I hit the remote, it just wouldn't respond. You either had to use the key (in the hold. from the outside), or push the pin/pull the door handle from the inside to get the lock to work. I ended up buying the door lock actuator from GMPartsDirect. Part number 13597536.


Tools:     Door Panel Tool
                10mm socket + ratchet
                Torx T25 nut driver or bit/universal screwdriver
                Torx T30 nut driver or bit/universal screwdriver


1)    Remove door panel and pull off the vapor barrier (Link to video. You can ignore everything after the 3 minute mark)
2)    Disconnect the door lock actuator. Remove 3 Torx by the door latch. Loosen the 10mm bolt by the wire harness. Disconnect the wire harness. Remove the vertical door lock pushrod.   
3)    Remove the window guide. Reach inside the door, it runs along the back of door. Black rubber piece that the glass slides into. There are 2 10mm bolts accessed from the outside of the door skin. 
4)    Remove window actuator harness grommet and 2 wire guides – get that stuff out of the way. You’ll need all the space you can get.
5)    My truck had a black plastic foam thing, maybe 8”x4” that was fastened/double sided taped to the inside of the door skin. If you have this, you need to remove it. (I wouldn’t use any metal pry tools for this, you don’t want to dent your door from the inside)
6)    Remove lower bolt from rear window support. Loosen (but don’t remove) the top bolt for the rear window support. Don’t worry, your glass won’t fall.
7)    Remove the door handle. (Link to video), then loosen the T25 bolt underneath the front part of the handle.
8)    Back inside the door, reach up and slide the door handle mechanism forward to release it, then pull it down into the open cavity to give yourself room to work on it. Disconnect the linkages that connect the door handle mechanism and the door lock actuator. I took the cables out of the wire cable guides to create more slack for myself. 
9)    Now for the fun part. At this point, you should have a door lock actuator just sitting inside the door frame, with a vertical window support and a horizontal door skin brace keeping you from removing the actuator. Grab the lower part of the window support and push it (hard) as far into the door as you can (away from you). With your other hand, grab the window actuator and try to twist it through that opening. Think about it like you’re trying to get a couch through a small doorway. It is a very tight fit, and your knuckles are surely gonna get knicked, but with the right combination of pushing (the window support), pulling (the door lock actuator), and cursing – it will come out.
10)    Once you have the old actuator out of the door, pop the access covers to swap the cable assemblies over to your new door lock actuator. Or I hear you can rebuild the old one, but that wasn’t the route I took.
11)    Rinse and repeat. No real magic to putting everything back in. (do remove the weather stripping and weather stripping clips from the door panel, though. Install them back on the door before you put the door panel back together)

Thanks to Waterfowler41 for his guidance! I'm happy to help if anybody else is looking at this job.

All in, it's about a 2 hour adventure. Parts are in the $50ish range. 





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I have 2015 z71 Silverado 1500 crew cab. I tore my driver side rear door apart because I had this same issue. Before I did all of that I ordered what I thought was an actuator. It turns out it may be the actuator motor. Should I replace that or the entire actuator? 

Ps: is the picture above the actuator? Below is a picture of what I was sent

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I ordered the complete actuator and picking it up today, but I saw some videos for replacing the motor and it looks doable. I wish someone would have made a video of the 20115 actuator replacement. Plenty of the 2007 to 2014 but I couldn't find any for the 2015 Silverado / Sierra model. Anyone know of one please post the link. Like to think I'm pretty savy about searching for stuff but I have come up with bupkis.

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I'm not a member, but will be soon.   I have 2015 Silverado and the passenger door lock is having problems opening.  It works from the drivers door, but not the remote.  I was almost going to order a new lock when I noticed the GM part description "Extended range keyless remote door lock". What caught me was "Extended Range Keyless".  With that description, the lock is getting a command from the FOB.   I changed the FOB battery works perfect been testing all day.    FYI.  Steve

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