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Ahead of New Generation Arriving, How High Will Silverado & Sierra Special Deals Go?

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John Goreham

Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com



The GMC Sierra is now available with up to $11,000 off the MSRP. GM-Trucks.com members know this happens periodically, and that we have reported on Silverado deals this high in the past as well. However, the deals have been getting steeper over time and both the Sierra and Silverado are about to be all-new trucks. 

The special deals on trucks has caught the attention of U.S. News & World Report Autos which published Best Cars To Buy Now and Best New Car Deals stories each month."Automakers often offer major discounts on bad cars, but it's possible to get a great deal on a top-rated vehicle,”says Jamie Page Deaton, managing editor of U.S. News Best Cars. "You can get a no-interest financing deal on the Chevrolet Volt extended-range EV, cash back deals combined with no-interest financing on the Mazda6 and Lincoln MKX, and a whopping $11,000 off the GMC Sierra pickup – all before you even start negotiating."

Ford and Ram are also offering amazing deals. Rams are available with up to six years of 0% financing or $7,500 cash back and the Folks at Ford are offering $5,300 cash back on the F-150. With the new 2019 trucks just around the corner, what would you guess would be the most money a dealer would take off a new Silverado or Sierra 1500?

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Depending on the area of the country. I noticed Laura has new trucks with msrp of 56,000 marked down 16,000. Going off that this early into 18 I would guess you might see 18.000 off late summer. But most dealers my guess right now will only want to move a couple thousand off the GM 11,000 incentive if they move at all right now .

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I doubt they will go too high. What usually happens is they just keep them on late models and sell them to people who don't need/want the newest thing, but just want a good deal.

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i was looking around at base model crew hd trucks and a truck with a 44k msrp might go for 36 if you are willing to make a long trip.  but i think the hd model cycle is a year behind the 1500 so that may not mean much.

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I don't see them going much higher. There is a nice 2500 HD Dmax LTZ on a lot here.  It has been there a while.  Kind of wondering how low they will go in it.   I'm still holding out for the 2019 myself.  I don't think they can get the price low enough on the 18's to get me in one, well maybe if they come down 20K then I might consider one. :)

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30 minutes ago, Black02Silverado said:

I don't see them going much higher. There is a nice 2500 HD Dmax LTZ on a lot here.  It has been there a while.  Kind of wondering how low they will go in it.   I'm still holding out for the 2019 myself.  I don't think they can get the price low enough on the 18's to get me in one, well maybe if they come down 20K then I might consider one. :)

20k off might entice me to upgrade from my 2009 3500HD.  Especially if I can get a good price for my current truck.

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      Chevrolet announced prices today for the new 2019 4500 HD Chassis Cab medium-duty truck. Prices will start at $48,465 including the $1,495 destination charge.

      “These new Silverado chassis cabs are a great addition to our lineup because we can now offer small businesses and large fleets a truck that can be upfitted to do many jobs including construction, utility and landscape work, tow truck operations, first responder calls and more,” said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, GM Fleet. “Chevrolet was obsessed with making these Silverado trucks easy to upfit, drive and own.”

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      -Optional equipment includes a twin-tank fuel capacity of up to 65 gallons, a factory-installed air suspension and a full suite of available connectivity, including OnStar, Commercial Link and a built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot.
      Look for the new Silverado medium-duty trucks at any one of Chevy's 400 commercial dealers late this year.  
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      The AFM v4 mode is not disabled on my truck and I don't have any intentions to get the Range device or tune it out anytime soon. I likely will get my truck tuned once the warranty is out, and at that time I'll most likely have the AFM disabled.  It does have quite the helicopter sound especially as you load up the engine in v4 mode.  Interestingly, it's really only bad at slow speeds, say 20-45mph.  When I was on the highway I noticed it dropped into v4 mode a couple times at 65mph, I don't recall noticing any helicopter sound, I think the higher RPMs must help.  The  8 speed is literally lugging the engine as low as 1000rpm in different gears between 20 - 40 mph, so that has to be the main reason it's so bad in the speed range.  I've just been driving in M7 through the suburbs most of the time, depends if I feel like hearing the noise or not.
      Ok, here is a quick video I took.  Sound got a little distorted unfortunately.  I plan on making a far more thorough video with many points of view, however it'll probably be up to a month before I make it. I'm going to shoot it up north where I don't have to worry about seeing traffic.  I'll make sure to that video on this forum as well. 
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