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The official ordering, production & delivery thread - 2019 Silverado / Sierra

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59 minutes ago, elcamino said:

fwiw, GM intends to build 2021 models till 9/24/21 as that is communicated to dealers as the build-out date...


There is a nation-wide shortage of Rail cars and shippers are experiencing extremely high demand and that's straining the logistics systems. 

Yeah, I don't believe the rail car shortage at all.  That has been an excuse for going on 7 years with GM.  Production isn't even close to what it has been in the past yet there's still a rail car shortage?  Not buying it.

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On 4/22/2021 at 9:28 AM, elcamino said:

Full size trucks and full size suv's are not affected by chip shortage per GM as all resources are going to those vehicles, their most profitable models. 


GM builds what they call pattern orders based on available parts and if a dealer/customer opts for one of those vehicles, it move fast into production.  I was talking wit the a friend who sell them and commented why all the I4 trucks?  He said, GM is letting us have all we want but with the higher trim levels, High Country and Denali on constraints, take what we can get. They got in 4 GMC's all the same equipped, trim 3SB Elevation, 2.7L engine and few options (3).  They can choose the color but how they are optioned is up to GM.  Surprising they sold 3 in the first week they had them, 3 were black..



This is not true at all.  I have a Trail Boss sitting in Mexico with missing parts right now due to the chip shortage.  There are pics on this forum showing trucks sitting at an overflow lot at Ft. Wayne assembly waiting on parts.


Your sales guy is somewhat misinformed as well.  Dealer do not have to order a pattern order truck.  I ALWAYS build out my trucks how I want and not necessarily how the pattern orders are.  GM has what's called "FOCUSED ORDERING CONFIGURATION" when ordering.  That's an RPO code selected when you select everything GM wants you to.  There is also RPO R6Y "OPD/FOCUSED ORDERING CONFIGURATION NOT DESIRED"  That can be selected if I want to order the trucks with something that's not part of the pattern.  


Example, on Custom Trail Boss, I order them with the Safety Confidence Package(for steering wheel radio controls) and the rear seats with storage and fold down armrest.  This isn't part of the pattern but I can still order them.


We do all have to stay within GM constraints for the week though.  So, if you don't have an allocation for a 6.2 or 5.3, you have to order a 2.7 or V6.

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Well ordered 4/16 ( 5.3 LT 1500) and have a TPW of 5/10 siting at 3300. Kinda surprised it got to that point so quickly. I'd guess that puts me at a late may-mid june delivery depending on shipping issues?

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Ordered a 2021 1500 Denali 6.2 with every option (minus accessories)

Order date: 3/15

Accepted: 3/16

Original TPW: 5/10

Updated TWP on 4/23: 4/26

Completed and shipped end of 4/26 week (don't know which day, is on train in transit as of 5/5)

Told will be ready for pickup at dealer (in AZ) on 5/18 by both my sales/dealer and CS.



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I emailed my dealer again today. A month ago he told me 6.2s and LT TBs were still on constraint. Ordered 1/28 and still don't have an accepted order. Not sure if I need to order through another dealer or what.

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On 4/26/2021 at 12:37 PM, 04GMshorty said:

Still waiting for some kind of word on my at4 build, still hasn't been accepted by gm for some reason.. 


Basically at 7 months now.................... 


I would order from a different dealer.  There is no reason for it to take that long.  Most guys are getting there's in 2 months

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On 4/13/2021 at 1:30 PM, millers215 said:

Thanks Jim, I'm just a regular citizen, no access to supplier pricing that I can find.  Any advice there?



If you have a Costco Membership, it should give u Supplier Pricing for GM

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On 4/21/2021 at 10:13 PM, Delson0 said:

Ordered 2/25. No build date yet. The wait continues, and maybe the search for that matter...


 I would order from a different dealer if they can't provide you with an update.  It sounds like the dealer doesn't have allocation to build one.  You should have a build date by now.

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2 hours ago, z1boss said:


I would order from a different dealer.  There is no reason for it to take that long.  Most guys are getting there's in 2 months

I gave up on waiting and found one incoming at another dealer.. Its a short box but I'll make it work till I swap it up in 7-12 months 

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On 5/6/2021 at 7:53 AM, z1boss said:


 I would order from a different dealer if they can't provide you with an update.  It sounds like the dealer doesn't have allocation to build one.  You should have a build date by now.

Plan on it. Or looking elsewhere/ out of state. Prices are outlandish right now though.

had a dealer say they wouldn’t sell one for less than msrp without a trade in that they wanted.... strange times 

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Finally picked one up today! Original dealer still hasn’t seen movement on their incoming truck - so, it took me driving 2 hours one way to the next state over, but got the exact one I wanted (red hot lt trail boss w/leather sunroof etc) without the unknown wait time, and for almost the same financials.  Couldn’t be happier! Hope it works out for those still waiting/looking around! 

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      So around this time of year last year I changed my brakes and my rotors and was going to replace my front bearings as well. My 08 is a Michigan truck so it’s got a plethora of rust accumulated. One of caliper bolts had seized so I completed what I could with the brakes and headed home to figure the best attack for a seized rusted bolt with thread lock. Anyways that bolt was a ******, so I went to my brother cause he had an air compressor and thought we’d try that. Needless to say the bolt one, so my brother put the wheel back together but before he put the caliper back in place over the rotor he decided to decompress the spring?. Why? I have zero idea thought it was pointless for him to do that Considering I had to do it to change the springs. So I start to head back home just worried about getting this bolt out so I can change my bearing. So as I start to leave I don’t notice anything out of place until I get down the road and my brake pedal goes to the floor. It made no sense, I couldn’t figure out what happened in the 30 minutes I was there; that would take my brakes from having good pressure to having none.  Then not long after that my fuel pump goes. Old Murphy’s law coming in clutch for me! So I get the fuel pump swapped get the caliper freed so I could replace my bearing. Then go to bleed my brakes and I can’t get any of my brake pedal back. I have abs so I I went out and bought a scan tool cause I heard bleeding brakes with an abs system without the scan tool is difficult and is more than likely the reason my brakes still go to the floor. So I do everything the device tells me to. There’s no change, except now I can’t shift it out of park to even attempt to check if there’s at least some pressure. I’ve been battling these brakes so at least the last half of 2021 my family is telling me to just sell it for whatever. Honestly I don’t want to sell it I rather enjoy having it and am not ready to let it go. Any help or advice would be so appreciated!

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      I have a 2017 Silverado 5.3L. Used to stay around 40 pounds of oil. Now when idling, is goes down to 20-25 ish pounds. It’s not throwing any codes up but does have a bit of a knock if I floor it without letting the pressure build back up first. Cold start it’s just below 40 pounds but at operating temps (210) it drops like crazy. It’s not oil quality or level, I just changed it last week and it was good for half a day and went back down. 
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      2019 Silverado high country truck with a gentle 42,000 miles…. Babied.
      Shift to park message displayed, was difficult to get the massage and the “dining” to go away.
      Cost me $341 to have it fixed, the dealer said GM helped $ome.. they said 30% with the cost. I’m a couple months outside of the 3 year warranty… lucky me.  I feel I shouldn’t have had to pay a cent ….($70K Truck!).   But they have trump and you pay… and get screwed…. without even a kiss… even if you own a C7 Corvette.
      Actually, this problem showed up occasionally / rarely, about 2 years ago… I sort of ignored it as it seemed to always go away.   But not recently, last two weeks every time I’d stop the truck.  My mistake was not taking a photo of the display two years ago…. Possibly I could have had GM cover the repairs…take note.
      They replaced the entire “Transmission Control Assembly” (TCA), as you all know most all of today’s dealer mechanics don’t fix anything… they just replace parts.  The TCA looks like it located inn the upper part of the steering column connected to or very close / connected to the shift PNRDL lever.
      See the photos, it appears to me the problem is /was in the bent micro switch lever (flimsy) interfering with the metal frame of the TCA.   I believe replacing the $10 micro switch would have solved the problem.   If the replaced one is like the old TCA, likely I’ll be replacing it in a few years.  I can’t help in how to access the TCA, but though you might like a couple of the photos of the unit.

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      Hey everyone, couldn't find a thread for WTB/WTS but I am looking to replace my center console tray out of my 2011 Sierra All Terrain. It came with the brushed aluminum one that have the cover flaps thats open/close. Part #23164630. If anyone has one in good condition for sale let me know. Im based in Ontario but can send a shipping label and use paypal for payment. Attached a picture so theres no confusion! Thanks so much.

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      My whole right side sound system quit working out of the blue I have an 09 sierra with the bose system if I turn the balance all the way to the right and crank it I get nothing at all except very slightly out of the pillar tweeter any ideas?
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