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The Biggest MultiPro Tailgate Questions Answered

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Just don't drop the inner gate when you have a hitch mounted.

Use the tailgate the same way you're doing it ever since a pick up truck was invented.

It's that simple!


so long


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On 3/6/2018 at 11:17 AM, 2Speed said:

While I myself could probably remember to not open the tailgate with the ball installed, I'm sure my wife or kids would not. 

you can still open and use the tailgate as a regular old fashioned tailgate with a hitch ball.

you just can't drop the inner section for the step.

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I love how simple and effective my step bumper is. Why complicate things with this useless and complicated feature  

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Posted (edited)

The step on this gate is Much lower than the bumper step. This is NICE!

 People need a reason to complain. I highly doubt anyone here who has complained would buy this truck, and would bitch about the cost of the gate, and justify NOT buying it on the cost.

 Being able to get a load in the box FURTHER with a Forks equipped tractor is HUGE, and is a practical application of this gate.

   Moral of the story.  Know where your ball is, or don't use this Tailgate step feature.

 This option is a CARGO / utility related option, Not a Towing related option.

  I think this will add a lot to the versatility and actually usage of the truck bed itself.

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How many complained about the ability to slam the Ext cab door into the front door by the kids when they got the order wrong getting out of the truck?  

Things tend to go wrong when you are presented with slightly different procedure. Accidental use of this new tailgate will not happen due to forgetting.  You have nothing to forget.  "Muscle memory" things are what will make you accidentally do something, like getting out of the truck and just closing the door without regard for the back door being open.  Something kids that have grown up on 4 doors that always open the same direction.  This tailgate will likely evolve into requiring the inner gate to be closed before full tailgate can be opened. 

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Aside from just Dumb designs....Making something "idiot proof" only proves that the buyers or complainers are in fact idiots...

 There are logistics to learn with everything. And Triple "O" applies, just like it does to your smart phone.

 Order of Operations will never go away...

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I can’t wait to see the new tailgate in person once the trucks hit showrooms!  I’m trying to convince my dad to trade in his Chevy Express 2500 for the new Sierra when it comes out

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Posted (edited)

GM needs to figure out both the fully automatic and a manual version and offer them on ALL trucks they sell.  It's as if they really don't want to sell trucks sometimes...


I do wish they'd keep a normal handle on the automatic version too.  That button just looks odd, and doesn't have a good feel on operation to me.  Just like most SUVs that have fully automatic tails, also keep the manual handle.


As far as the complaints about the tailgate upper part hitting something?  Gotta wonder if these people can even drive.  You know the truck can hit anything if it's not operated properly O.o

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      Next up I listened to an overview of Chevy’s new advanced towing system and then took some weight for a spin. 

      The brand has baked in a lot of customer-centric features for those who do a lot of trailering. When equipped, the Silverado can track trailer tire pressure and temperature, find wiring faults, alert you if someone disconnects your trailer via app, and keeps a log of fuel economy per trailer.  Customers who opt for the trailering camera package get under mirror and cargo bed views, along with a trailer camera to hook up to their rig. 
      Chevrolet had setup a few Silverado with trailers for me to drive. These enclosed trailers had been filled with 6,000lbs of concrete. I know this because I had to look for myself. And I had to look for myself because pulling that much weight in the new Silverado is just no big deal. Such a non-event I absolutely had to confirm there was anything in the trailer at all. Smooth shifts, no gear hunting, and no feeling of being dragged down with all of that small block torque. 

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      After having some fun getting dirty with a Trail Boss, comparing every single one of the eight 2019 trim levels, and pulling around some concrete, it was time to head back to the ranch. Our ride for the afternoon was a 6.2L LTZ with a 10-speed transmission. 

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