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I wanted to get the pulse of how many people have successfully had their Denali/LED headlamps painted? I am very interested in doing mine but have 2 major concerns due to the cost of these OEM lights:


- Is it REALLY possible to get these re-sealed adequately to the point I should have little to no concern of condensation ever occurring after spending some serious money to have these painted?


- Speaking of serious money, what is a reasonable amount to expect to pay? I know you can infinitely increase the cost of these projects by adding different LED switchbacks, different projectors, doing intricate paintings vs. just satin black everything, etc. 

What I'm wanting falls somewhere in the middle. I want to upgrade the LED switchback module (bc why not if I'm already in $$$ to crack them open?) which runs around $150 I believe, and I want a simple Satin black + (maybe) a portion color-matched as well (still on the fence) as well as the GMC stamped in the chrome of the headlamps to be the red color of the emblems.


Does anyone have any input/feedback/advice/recommendations on this? If I have it done, I'd potentially be willing to send them off to someone to have them done, but shipping is a major added cost. Is there anyone in on of the following locations (that is highly recommended as well as reasonable??)

   Houston, TX - Where I live

   Austin, TX

   San Antonio, TX

   Dallas, TX

   Ft. Worth, TX

   Baton Rouge, LA

   Oklahoma City, OK


Any and all comments are highly appreciated!

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I know that plain an simple (https://www.instagram.com/plainansimple1) does them. I had looked into getting this done about a year ago but it's so freaking expensive. I've heard nothing but good things about his work, I can't imagine that the seal is an issue but you never know.

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3 hours ago, Penguin VII said:

I know that plain an simple (https://www.instagram.com/plainansimple1) does them. I had looked into getting this done about a year ago but it's so freaking expensive. I've heard nothing but good things about his work, I can't imagine that the seal is an issue but you never know.

I have heard from several people with issues on the seal on some of the lights he has done. Granted, he is the most popular option so there are bound to be issues here and there. I have heard great things about Legends. I looked into having legends do mine on my silverado, but it was just too expensive to justify.

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On 4/3/2018 at 9:24 AM, Michael Schimborski said:

Ive done this on my charger and my dads ram, fairly simple to take apart and the reseal has never been an issue, I really want to do this as well but im too scared to ruin these super pricey lamps. I got a quote from legens off road for $1200 to have them do everything.
What is a Led switchback module ?


https://www.theretrofitsource.com/rgb-switchback/drl-boards-vehicle-specific/2016-gmc-sierra-profile-pixel-drl-boards.html This is what I was referring to. Even if you aren't into/interested in the color-changing capability, they are better even just on the white/amber basis than the LED strip in the OEM LED Headlamps.

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I’m having Jeremy from 



do my headlights in the next couple weeks. I usually do my own, but never worked with permaseal and don’t want to buy such an expensive headlight if I end up cracking something. Also upgrading the projectors and putting in diode dynamics led boards. Maybe look into his work, he’s a little further out from you though. 


Forgot to add to original post as far as pricing you can expect to pay $1000+ which isn’t to bad if they are supplying all the parts. I bought all my parts (FXr projectors, CBI bulbs, diode dynamics led boards, ballast, wire harness) back in September. I attached his two quotes for me. One was before I told him I had all the parts for the build and the second one was the quote to install and paint for me. His quote was very reasonable. I contacted Lightwerkz before hand and they quoted me $1500 with me supplying all the parts. 



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