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Silver tape Attached to radiator?

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Just noticed this today on my 2018. Popped hood and can’t see anything inside. I guess if I remove big plastic cover I could probably remove it. 


Anyone else have this?





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The 2nd picture almost looks like that duct tape is on the auxiliary transmission cooler?  Do you have the towing package or does the 6.2 come standard with an auxiliary tranny cooler?  What is your DIC telling you that your transmission temps are running at?  If that tape is on the auxiliary trans cooler maybe optimum transmission operating temps are not coming up quick enough and this is GM's idea of a field or quick fix.

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I too noticed "Silver Tape" on my replacement Condenser after being replaced due to deer hit late last year..

Brackets, Radiator, Bumper and LED lights were also replaced, deer was total loss..


Body shop manager stated that was "Factory" addition due to aftermarket parts...

Was not on my original 2016 condenser..


Still curious for real truth,, but no issues with this part...



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I was told it was a cheaper fix for gm than a redesign.

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Well that’s a cheap @$$ fix.

Thanks for the reply’s guys. I’ll leave it and not aim the pressure washer at it
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It is a thermal barrier that is intended to reduce the stress due to thermal expansion on the joint between the condenser and the tank that is attached to the drivers side of the condenser.


I would say the jury is still out as to how effective this is as a fix, but this is certainly the area where most people are having cracks that cause all of their refrigerant to leak out and then have no A/C.

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On 4/4/2018 at 3:17 PM, Kubs said:

What is the defect, and why does this fix it?

Ever drop a red hot marble into a cup of ice water? Yea, I was a weird kid. Anyway a rapid temperature drop over a short time and distance thermally stresses the part to failure. This piece of tape prevents air from flowing through that area to allow the temperature gradient to happen over a longer distance taking that stress to failure away. That's why it fixes it. 


The defect is universal since the demise of copper and brass radiators. Extreme thermostat set points and pump bypasses to the tank instead of via the 'jiggle' pin then the thermostat flange. We want greener and we want cheaper and we want more profit and we and we and we.....

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