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Get Ready! 2019 Silverado/Sierra Ordering Starts Soon!

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I really hope you order and delivery dates are correct and Mike Davenports are not cuz it will suck if i have to wait till next january to get a 2019!!!


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19 hours ago, onmytab said:

I really hope you order and delivery dates are correct and Mike Davenports are not cuz it will suck if i have to wait till next january to get a 2019!!!


Both GMC and Chevy's websites state arriving fall 2018.  This date has even be stated in interviews.  Gm plans on launching the Crew Cabs this fall followed by the double and standard cabs which are scheduled for the beginning of next year.  I guess this is all subject to change but I have yet to here anything about the fall delivery of the Crew Cabs being changed by GM.

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Any line on what factories each model will each be built at?

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Very nice looking trucks. I hope they have new technology, power and bells/whistles for the competition!

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      ***EDIT: Now that we've listed this truck for sale in a few places online, we've lowered the price to $10,900 OBO!***
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