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Chevy Cruze Sales Bomb - Lordstown Plant To Lose Shift & Jobs

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For one the new Cruze isn't very good looking in my opinion, and if it the resale on them tanks like my 2014 did then no wonder no one wants one.

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Yeah well the Hyundai's and Crapotas are not very good looking either but they still sell..

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Posted (edited)

Honda saw a record high last month, so it's not industry wide. And it wasn't their new Accord, it's actually selling worse. :dunno:


And resale on most Chevy's tank anymore. The Camaro guys moan like they put 50k in stocks that tanked.  


And the corporate look is pretty meh.


Would you rather have a loaded equinox or sam-is-a-butt.jpg

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With a big ugly grill like that, i'll take the Equinox!


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I'm just not into the "foreign" cars...most feel too utilitarian to me.

I owned several Subarus, most uncomfortable car you could buy. We drove several Toyota, Hyundai, etc. when looking for a car...kept coming back to the Equinox for ride and comfort. A lot of them were too gadget-laden for our liking...call us old school, but I grew up with trucks that didn't even have AC let alone power windows, heck power steering was an option then!

Even the "HD" truck options are a glorified 1500 (have yet to see one with a full-float axle)...the Toyota and Nissan do nothing for me...if I want a Cummins, I'll buy a Dodge with a real drivetrain. Not to mention those "full size" trucks seem small to me...

I could care less how fast they are, how many gadgets they have...

2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd

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Posted (edited)

The Honda Civic has been the number 1 selling car in Canada since 1997, and continues to lead the pack.  If I ever needed a car, a 2 door Civic Coupe would be my choice.


GM has a ton of catching up to do.



They should add extra SUV production to that plant, follow Ford’s recent move.

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      General Motors is scaling back the production of its sedans to match the declining sales the company has been seeing for those models. One example is the Lordstown, Ohio production facility that builds the Chevrolet Cruze. Last year the Lordstown plant had about 4,000 workers building the sedan. That count will be reduced to about 1,500 after the latest buyouts. The plant first eliminated the third shift. That reduced the jobs in the plant by about 1,000. Now GM is planning further cuts to eliminate the second shift. 

      To encourage workers to quit, rather than be laid off, GM is offering workers a financial incentive to move on to other work or to retire. Local news affiliate WFMJ reports that those workers who qualify for and accept an early retirement will receive a $60,000 incentive payment. Workers who opt to quit their union job will receive a buyout of between $50,000 and $5,000 depending upon their length of service with the company.  

      With unemployment near historic lows in America, 3.7% as of the last report, 4.0% in Ohio overall, this would seem to be the best of times to be making the difficult transition to new work. In Trumbull County Ohio, where Lordstown is located, the unemployment rate is higher than the national average at 5.5%. However, one neighboring county, Geauga County, has a 3.8% rate.  

      Local employment groups are stepping up to help out. Last year, the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber provided a list of companies in the area that were hiring to GM and United Auto Workers.
      “We would certainly be pleased to offer that service [again],” said Sarah Boyarko, the chamber’s senior vice president of economic development. “I think there are employment opportunities for these folks when they go through that separation, and oftentimes, it’s a matter of knowing where to go.”
      Year to date sales of the Chevy Cruze were down 26% year over year when reported by GM in March. The Cruze competes with cars like the Honda Civic line and the Toyota Corolla line. This month, Toyota released an all-new Toyota Corolla Hatchback. Its gasoline engine is expected to be rated at 36 MPG combined, higher than the current Cruze diesel hatchback. It is also expected to be quicker and will have more standard safety features included than the Cruze.   
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      If all goes to schedule, we've learned that our 2019 Silverado LTZ will be built during the week of July 30th, 2018. This assignment of a production week means that all of the parts Chevrolet will use to assemble our truck have been ordered, allocated, and assigned to our vehicle. All we have to do is wait for it to come together at the factory. 
      So if all goes to schedule, when will we take delivery? That's the million dollar question. We assume some level of delay leaving the factory during the first few months of production. Assuming our truck rolls of the line during production week two, we expect a  hold before the truck starts the journey to New Hampshire. We're hoping for a late August delivery but are prepared for September instead. No need to rush- we'd like a quality truck please. 
      So how did we get such "insider" information about our truck build? Surprisingly, the Chevrolet.com Website Chat. Yes, the brand's website customer assistance chat app. Which means- if you have an order in for a 2019 Silverado or Sierra, all you have to do is ask the Chevy or GMC website chat representative for help with your order. All you need is your order number. It was quick easy, and we found out our truck's production week in about 5 minutes. 
      We'll keep you updated as we get more details about our LTZ's build progress. 
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