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OBDII Code B0081 - Passenger Presence Sensor

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So I've rebuilt my 2014 Silverado that was in a front end collision and repaired everything except one last thing. I'm getting error code B0081 and my airbag light is on, saying that the passenger presence sensor (weight sensor in passenger seat) has an issue. In the front end collision, there wasn't a passenger in the front seat and the passenger side airbag did not deploy. So I don't know why I have an error with it.


So to fix it, I either need to:


1. replace the sensor ($250-$300)

2. find a way to repair/recalibrate the current sensor

3. find a way to bypass the sensor and have the passenger airbag on all the time


Other than option 1, does anyone know how to do #2 or #3?

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